The odd way in which I first heard of The SD

I still remember this because even to this day it seems very bizarre to me.

I was in HS, 11th grade I think. I had gotten up, was eating breakfast, and waiting for my ride to pick me up when I saw this book on the table. The most notable words on it were “Straight Dope” which piqued my curiousity. The weird thing, I had no clue who’s book it was. It wasn’t mine, it wasn’t my mom’s, I highly doubt it was my dad’s, and it most definitely was not my brother’s. Anyhow, I began reading the book, took it to school, finished it in a day or two, and decided it was rather interesting. I was always interested in just knowing interesting things, and that’s what the book was full of. After that I eventually found the web page, read the majority of the archives, and then sometime last year started posting on here, mebbe 2-3 years after initially finding that book.

But the weird thing is I still have no clue who’s book that was. It looked like it was new, didn’t have much in the way of marks on it, if any, but I don’t think it belonged to any of my family members. :confused: Oh well, it’s not worth worrying about, although I think I will go home today, find the book again and interrogate my family members about it.