The Office 1/5/06 (plus an apology!)

I was the guy who criticized the Office fans for hijacking the Earl thread.

Yet, here I am opening an Office thread. Not to keep you out of the Earl thread. But because I think this show is the best show on television!

I got a video iPod for Christmas and a $50 iTunes gift card. I wanted to test it out and decided since you guys always talked about it anyway AND it was moving to Thursday, I would try the first season (6 episodes).

Loved it.

I immediately downloaded the second season. I have watched all but the most recent two episodes (which I will watch before tonight’s episode).

Great stuff.

A run down of the characters:

Michael- Oddly, one of the most sympathetic characters on television. He’s a goof, but he is a decent guy. Carrell is brilliant. I feel for him because I am in management and I sometimes feel I am also in over my head and want to be friends with my employees.

Jim- Cruel at times, but don’t you wish you were Jim?

Pam- I love Pam. I have not loved a fictional character this much since falling for Kitty Pryde at age 13. The chemistry between Jim and Pam is legendary. Better than Dave and Maddie!

Dwight- I went to college with this guy.

Ryan- Why is this guy a “starring” cast member? I like him, but he seems to have an equal role to the others.

I look forward to tonight’s episode!

Welcome to the Office, my friend! I’m so glad you finally gave it a chance – as a fan of Arrested Development, Scrubs, and Earl, I figured you’d like it.

I identify with Jim A LOT, although I’ve never shared his quiet mean streak. I think Jim is really a mensch – a stand-up guy who sometimes gets pushed too far. I’ve known all the other characters in real life as well, including more than my share of Pams. By the way, Pam (Jenna Fischer) is married to screenwriter James Gunn, who wrote the recent Dawn of the Dead remake. They just worked together on a mockumentary for Troma, that purveyor of schlock cinema, called Lollilove.

B.J. Novak, who plays Ryan, is in the opening credits because he’s a writer and producer. Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly (the Indian girl), is another writer. She also had a small part in The 40-Year-Old Virgin with Steve Carell.

Finally, if you have a good video store around, or you’re a member of Netflix, you ought to check out the original BBC series of The Office. You can buy the complete DVD set (4 discs) which contain two 6-episode seasons and a two-part Christmas Special that wrapped up all the characters’ arcs. It’s also a hilarious and wonderful show, but much bleaker and more depressing than the American version. The two shows’ pilots are almost identical, but the American version came into its own rather quickly after that, and has been awesome throughout its second season.

Poor Jim… though, for once, Michael gives some good (perhaps that is too strong of a word) advice. Keep going for it, Jim! It’ll make the show better ;).

Though I wonder what will happen when the drunkenness wears off? Will Pam have to remind her fiance that they’ve set a date?

And Dwight thinking he was actually steering the ship was HILARIOUS!

Though the guy jumping through the window after Michael started his speech was the best part!

I just started watching this show this past weekend. It is hilarious. I breezed past the first season and am in the middle of season 2. I downloaded all the episodes to my portable player and have sometimes burst out laughing while commuting to work on the train. Talk about my fellow commuters being surprised, especially since I work in Japan. Hahahaha.

Wow, thanks for all the info, Lou. The scene where Jim and Pam went outside together and she confessed she doesn’t sometimes get Roy was just spectacular. So much was said with so few words. I was somewhat saddened for the rest of the episode. Great ep.

I got season one of The Office for Christmas this year. This is an excellent show. Steve C. was made for the role of Michael Scott.

Probably because he is also a writer and producer on the show… he has pull ;).

I love Pam.

Fess up…you actually got a teapot, but forced a trade for the iPod.

Freaking Yankee Swap… I wanted that iPod :(.

My heart went out to Jim in the scene outside with Pam. I’ve been in that position before- frozen with indecision, struggling between knowing what you want to do and what you should do, wanting to respect her relationship and knowing the other guy is right around the corner, and if you wait a second too long, the moment is gone. She was lobbing him softballs and he didn’t even take a swing. Then once the moment is gone, you’re crestfallen and kicking yourself for not going for it, and realizing that you may never get the chance again. Poor guy.

Hadn’t Jim already broken up with that girl before last night, the one he brought to the retreat? I thought in the episode where Jim had the party at his house he told Ryan they had broken up, and Ryan asked if Jim minded if he called her. Are they showing the eps out of order?

I was amazed that Michael told Jim “don’t ever give up”- I just finished watching the UK series on DVD a couple days ago, and to avoid spoiling it for anyone who may not have seen it, the last episode of that series turned on a character using almost the exact same line.

I got stuck with a freaking over mitt!

Last night’s episode was good. It was weird watching the show on a television. Seeing the cast on anything other than a 2 inch screen is something else.

Pam is still as cute.

I loved Mike’s moment with Jim near the end. He came to that boat to give a motivation speech, and by God, he ended up motivating someone.

Mike’s a great character. He’s an ass 90% of the time, but every once in a while he comes out with something that proves he’s just a guy, in way over his head.

I think Jim just said that he hadn’t spoken to her in a while and that’s when Ryan asked if Jim minded if he called her. Jim said something like, “Well, we’ll talk about that later.”, which makes me think he still liked her.

For those who have seen the British version, don’t you love how Tim and Jim both use that “look at the camera” bit whenever something is funny?

My favorite line: after Michael throws up, he says he’s on “medication.” He’s asked what medication, and he replies “Vomicillin.”

It still makes me laugh. Heeee.

Jim: “Michael’s at the front of the boat yelling ‘I’m king of the world’ in the first hour, or I give you my next paycheck.”

Yep, there is some very good writing on the show and Carrell plays the character to perfection. Little moments, like with Jim outside, show that Michael is basically a good guy underneath… he just has no idea how to be a boss, or how to deal in most social situations.

Wasn’t Pam in the room, or at least within earshot when this exchange took place? He didn’t want to admit to having feelings for Pam at that particular time, in front of everyone, especially Pam, so I imagine he tried to be real casual about it all, and then just wanted the whole thing dropped. IIRC, he looked very uncomfortable when that topic came up.

There are moments of real humanity in the show. It really got me last week during the office olympics Jim give Michael the gold medal and then they flew the doves.


Did you see that as Jim doing it for Michael or so Pam could see her doves fly?

Jim WAS nice to Michael when he crashed his party AND at the Dundies.

Jim alot like Tim from the original, shows that he’s really the best person in the bunch, by the fact that he goes out of his way to reach out to Michael.
This was a really wonderful epsiode and was almost equally as touching as hilarious.

I love all the small character stuff they do. Like Meredith cheering when it was annoucned that it was a booze cruise when we know she has a drinking problem and then that she’s later topless WITH a life preserver on.