"The Office", 3/24 OPEN SPOILERS

Did anyone else realize there was a new episode of “The Office” last night or did I miss the thread somewhere? With the basketball stuff on I didn’t think there would be a new one but my DVR picked it up so I watched it late last night.

WOW this was a big one!!! And who was surprised by the announcement of who is replacing Steve Carrell?

I don’t think it’s a permanent replacement, just a temporary arc. I have a feeling the new boss won’t work out, for whatever reason :slight_smile:

But yeah, I thought last night’s episode was kinda sweet, although not their funniest.

The back front hug was hysterical.

The conversation Jan had with her parents was sad, but a very sweet episode overall.

Not surprised by Farrell. It’s been all over the web for some time now. He’s supposed to be in four episodes.

Saw the magic beans coming a mile away, but still very cute.
The comments Michael made as Holly refused each proposal were funny and very much in character for him.
Overall this was a good episode w/ amusement if not laugh out loud moments all the way through.

Holly. Jan would have told them to man up.

I’m reserving judgment on Will Ferrell. I wanted David Wallace back, especially as gonzo as he was last time we saw him.
I hope all those candles weren’t back inventory from “Serenity by Jan.” The stench would have been intolerable.

Huh. Not on Hulu yet.

It’s up there now.

I really liked the conversation. I miss the ‘real-life’ drama on the show, closest we had to it this season was Darryl’s grandmother passing away. The proposal was great, but a bit reminiscent of Pam and Jim’s.

I really loved this episode. Kevin comes out a winner. The magic beans story was predictable, aside from Jim going the extra mile to actually make Dwight believe he really did buy magic beans. Love that.

And THAT’S Dallas! Great, as Kevin rarely gets one over on anyone.

I absolutely loved Pam’s “Holy bleep, is that REAL?!” reaction to the ring… and then Oscar’s “Nooo…” reaction a few seconds later. Had to watch that scene a couple of times.

That trailer where he and his son are doing the “Suck It” song is my favorite bit from this entire series. Unemployed people do weird things.

Michael is perpetually making unwise financial decisions and he was able to spend three years’ salary on a ring?

Doesn’t mean he paid for it out of his savings…many jewelry stores have their own credit cards, and as you pointed out Michael makes unwise financial decisions. I can see him scanning a jewelry case of rings and misunderstanding the salesperson telling him 2 month’s salary.

I interpretted Michael’s proposal as an imitation of Jim and Pam’s. He didn’t want Holly to propose to him but he had to hurry and think of something before she thinks he doesn’t want to marry her and then things get weird. So he took the simple but sweet proposal of Jim’s and imitated it with all the candles so the water system would go off and thus make it rain like it was when Jim proposed. It’s something goofy and unexpected that both Michael and Holly would naturally love.

I loved that Kevin swindled Andy out of his money. When they were playing the game and using their Dallas voices and using things from other games like the Life card made me laugh.

The Jim’s magic beans story was predictable but I loved at the end how Dwight planted them and then Jim came out with fully grown plants to replace the newly planted seeds. I didn’t expect that part. I don’t know if my tv just cut off the ending or if it was meant to end the way I saw it but I would have loved if after Jim put in the fake magic plants we could have seen Dwight come back by to see his magic seeds had already grown into plants and then we see a genuine surprise look on his face.

I thought that the whole scenario was sprung on Michael by the rest of the staff.

The sprinklers going off was definitely supposed to be similar to Jim’s proposal, but I don’t think Michael knew that would happen. Remember that he was basically trashing Jim’s proposal the whole time, “Oh you didn’t tell me that the weather was bad.”

I normally don’t care for the big sappy displays on sitcoms, but this one got to me. I loved the whole build up to it, and I was not expecting the line of employees at all. Did anyone catch all of Michael’s comments? The one’s I heard were
Oscar - “That would be a sham wedding.”
Angela - “That would be hot. I would pay to see that.”
Ryan - “He was the only one I was worried you would say yes to.”

It’s nice to finally see Michael get a happy ending.

It’s a little surprising that Michael is leaving without getting fired. I thought for sure it would be some kind of business disaster that ended up with him leaving in shame.

As soon as I saw the room full of candles, I thought “how long before the sprinklers go off?”

That looked like a nice telescope that Jim ended up with. Do we know who brought it? I actually thought that the thing that Dwight was angling to end up with was the St. Pauli Girl sign.

Uhhh … Sigmagirl, is that a spoiler? Because I don’t recall seeing anything in the episode about the next boss.