The Office 5 Nov '09 (open spoilers)

Pam & Michael are going out on a double date with Jim & Pam.

This describes my definition of hell in almost every way.

See you on DVR delay when I have Tums and a night’s sleep and strong, strong beer handy.

(Really, really didn’t like ‘The Lover’.)

It was probably for the best that Michael decided to dump Helena, because if it had been the other way around then he’d no doubt be nagging Pam to help him win her mother back.

I loved Andy’s aggressive politeness, and Toby coaching Pam on punching technique.

As funny as Pam losing it and punching Michael after he said “She came on to me” was Michael was right. Helene did approach Michael, not the other way round.

Meridith’s comment about the seat still being warm was great. Also loved Toby coaching Pam on how to punch Michael.

Leave it to Michael to freak out once he hears her actual age. Never mind that it was probably pretty obvious that she was beyond the having children stage since she has two adult daughters and a grandchild on the way.

I think the Dwight and Andy thing was pretty stupid.

Did I get that right, that Ryan showed Erin a topless picture of Kelly?!

Yeah, Toby coaching Pam was hilarious!

Yeah, the Dwight and Andy bit was pretty stupid. It was FUNNY, but felt a little too sitcom-y for me.

Toby’s coaching scene is one of my favorite Office scenes ever.

Yeah, and it was pretty obvious that he was trying to get Erin to pose as well. And considering that he showed up with her in Michael’s office holding a camera, he might have succeeded.

I’m glad I didn’t imagine this. I was very distracted with my kids but looked up and thought it was a blurred picture of her chest, but then thought surely I must have mis-seen it.

Step two: menage a trois.

Yes! Made even more hilarious by Michael sulking in the background.

From this thread:

Dumping a woman on her birthday in front of her family because she’s too old. Hmmm…

I thought the epsiode was just more of Pam being a bitch. She was harping onher mom’s age specifically to try to get Michael to stop dating her, then she gets all upset when he does exactly what she was trying to make him do.

I also don’t think it’s funny to make Michael into a literal punching bag, or for the someone who is supposed to be the HR guy to coach employees on how to physically brutalize the office dork.

And when is Jim going to start doing his job? He’s letting his wife physically hit people? WTF? How does that make him any better than Michael?

Since when is breaking up with somebody “mistreating” them? Is everyone who ever breaks up with someonbe mistreating them? And what does her birthday have to do with it. What difference does it make what day it is?

And like I said before, Pam was intentionally TRYING to get him to break up with her mom. That’s why she kept making the snotty remarks about her age.

Nothing was funnier than that 3 second bit of Creed reacting to the fake – or was it? – shipment emergency

Well, Michael let her do it. And at the end of the episode you can tell that Jim tried to talk her out of doing it.

Breaking up with someone directly in front of their daughter, at a meal specifically for them is mistreatment whichever way you want to cut it. It’s like throwing a surprise “You’re Fired!” party for someone at work.

Ryan showed up in Michael’s office with KELLY, not Erin. He may well have been taking more photos of Kelly, but IIRC there was no sign that he’d convinced Erin to pose for him as well.

You cannot be seriously questioning how crappy it is to dump someone on their birthday. Maybe you don’t take your birthday as a celebration of yourself, or a day where people should make you feel a little special, but I know if something like that happened on my birthday, it would be crushing.

Yeah, Pam may have been encouraging the breakup with remarks about her age, but there is a time and a place, and Michael never seems to be able to figure that out. He is a cad, and deserves what he gets.

Was Toby the HR guy teaching Pam how to punch a little unrealistic? Of course, IT IS A TELEVISION SHOW! Was it funny, especially considering the way Michael has treated Toby the entire series? God yes! Michael’s behavior is generally reprehensible towards women, and I am glad he is getting some payback for it.

On the Jim front, what was he going to do? Michael went around him to offer solutions, including a raise and the hitting solution, and intervening would have put him in a very bad position with his co-manager or his wife, or both.

I think we’re watching a different show.