The Office - 9-25-2008

Except the part where Angela was reeming Kevin out and called him an “idiot”. At which point Holly reprimands her and Kevin says someithing like “You think I’m retarded?”

I did catch that. I actually was sorta looking for a goatee error. As soon as I saw him with that thing, I just knew that there would be a continuity error. And I was right!

Good episode, on the whole. I was also unhappy with Pam making friends - wait til after the wedding for that :wink: Andy is such a douchebag - he must love Angela A LOT or something, but I’m not sure he really does. She treats him so terribly…

I loved that in Kelly’s first talking-head interview, in which she talks about the cleansing diet, her clothes were already way too big. “I’m gonna look sooo awesome!”


Oh, and Creed: “that wasn’t a tapeworm.”

‘Hefty Jim’ at the art school was Harry from Mad Men, played by Rich Sommer.

I love how Jim is trying to train Michael to be a normal adult. “No, we don’t talk about our friend’s butt. Now, what did you learn about your new friend?” He uses the same voice I use when I’m trying to educate to my four year old.

I actually cried a little and my husband called me a silly dweeb. I don’t care…they’re the most realistic couple ever seen on TV. And I’m a little emotional lately. so there.

I knew he looked familiar! I couldn’t place him without the brylcreem and glasses.

So apparently, Michael has used the “Michael Krump” character in the past to make fun of fat people. And he owns a sumo suit.

I liked Stanley’s moment of triumph at the end. 7 pounds doesn’t sound like much, but it isn’t bad for 7 weeks, and at least he never passed out.

When Michael was trying to get everyone to lose the last few pounds before the end of the day, I was afraid he was going to ask people to force themselves to vomit or something.

I was assuming Angela will turn up pregnant as well. They report immediately to the freight elevator, no stopping for protection. She’s too much of a hypocrite about sex to be on birth control.

I actually felt bad for The Nard-dog, but inviting Here Comes Treble to crash with them for three weeks was unreasonable.

Poor Toby–“it’s nice to have visitors”.

Ryan–how does he keep holding his head up?

I would so love for Ryan and Creed to move in together. Except I think Creed lives in a homeless shelter.

And poor Andy, putting down four nonrefundable deposits at honeymoon destinations is nothing to him, but Angela’s rejection of Here Comes Treble as his collective best man is the dealbreaker. He is such a sap.

I thought he was going to bring in the Red Cross and make them all give blood.

I had been distracted by the Jim-type at the art school and was dreading that they would have a complication there. The proposal was cool and then thinking about what he said at the beginning “We discussed it and wouldn’t want to be apart for the first three months”–screw that! I miss her and want to propose!

I have a sinking feeling that the 3 months while she’s gone is going to cause someone to stray or think about straying. I just have a vibe that this will be an underlying story line for the season. :frowning:

Actually, I find it a bit interesting that Angela didn’t even comment about the ‘collective best man’ deal (which might upset many brides considering how many of them there were,) or the ‘crashing at their place for three weeks part.’ She didn’t even think they should be the reception band, which really, was the most reasonable part.

So Kelly and a few others lost weight but there wasn’t a net change. Who do you guys think gained weight?

I think the shows lost something, I can’t place my finger on it but it’s just not as funny anymore.

Ryan: “So, maybe I’ll see you around.”

Kelly: “It’s a small office.”

That’s what I’m afraid of too–a typical sitcom would spin this out. She was faithful to Roy even though he was the wrong person (even though she kind of emotionally cheating with Jim) so you would assume she’ll be faithful to Jim.

One of the reasons that I love The Office so much is that moments of ridiculous hilarity are alternated with ones of such heartbreaking empathy. Along with the ASCII Dwight portrait, Holly and Micheal’s awesome rap and the flies in the vending machine we got,

-The most obvious and best: Jim and Pam proposal. I squee’d. Jim was so obviously at a loss without her.

-The moment where Angela is sincerely touched by Andy’s assurance that he would marry her in the office if need be, and her grudging admission that she “hasn’t made things easy for him”.

-Ryan’s quiet contribution to Micheal’s group complimenting session of Kelly. “She’s perfect.”

-Micheal and Holly. Everything about how adorably akward they are, Jim trying to teach Micheal how to properly court someone and his dutiful recitation of his data gathered so far, and Holly’s obvious mortification regarding Toby, plus her later obvious glee at standing next to Micheal during the weigh-in.

Love it. A perfect opening.

Oh, one other thing that must have been left on the editing room floor… did anyone else notice that early in the episode, like the first two weigh-ins, something was terribly wrong with Meredith’s face? It was all red and blotchy. But she wasn’t in any other scenes… I think they had a sub-plot for her that got ditched.

Poor, stupid Toby.

I thought I’d die when Michael took Computer Pam to the supply shelf to look for the colored paperclips. And he was just so…so…“Michael” to the female temp.

I dunno though. Because Pam was leaving before the weight loss contest really started - she couldn’t get on the scale for the first weigh-in because she was leaving in less than a week, and didn’t the episode span 7 weeks of the contest? If so, then the 3 months is already half-over unless she stays in NYC for some reason after the 3 months.

The one time Angela didnt rush to the back room to be with Dwight when he came out all confused his tank top looked VERY tight around the middle. I thought it was clear he was the one gaining weight, specially after he told Jim he was obviously not the one with the problem.

Stanley was a member of the Black Panthers? Who knew.

Loved these episodes. God as much as I hate the sad sack Toby I felt kinda bad for him in the hospital.

Nice of the writers to try to set up expectations and then take a left turn. Pam talks less to Jim, brushes him off for responsibilities in her new college life, chums around with a Jim type then boom they go for the proposal.

Michael tearing up the tickets… now that is good Michael stupidity. Trying to help her out in a way that would only make sense to him.