The Office: After Hours

Another good episode. Of course we all knew Jim wouldn’t take the bait.

I was a little surprised that Dwight didn’t, though.

Although I’m guessing that it’ll turn out that it works out for him (at least for a while).

I think Dwight is trying to get into whatsername’s head, playing all hard-to-get and whatnot.

The whole thing with the girl and Jim seems like the writers have forgotten that this is suppose to be a documentary. Do you really think she’d be doing all that showering and frollicking in a robe and canoodling and flirting with a camera crew in the room (assuming she’s not a pornstar wannabe)?

Has Jim ever before been portrayed as so unable to be direct with someone? I didn’t think it fit his character to be so passive - there were so many points at which it would be easy to say “sorry, I’m not comfortable with this. If you wanna hang out and watch the game lets go to the lobby or whatever until your room’s fixed, or barring that let’s go to the manager and demand a new room for you.” The whole getting trapped by protestations of innocence thing seemed like more of a Michael or Andy situation than a Jim one. I think I would have bought it more if it seemed like he was struggling with temptation, but he just seemed tonguetied and that’s not how I see Jim. Anybody have a different take on that?

I did like how willing Dwight was to pick up the phone and come “fight the bedbugs”. Every once in a while we get to see Jim and Dwight as a team and it’s always a treat for me. I think my favorite was when they went on the sales call and did their little 2-phone pitch.

He was pretty weaselly with Roy when Roy and Pam were dating, I thought.

Wow, :smack: you are totally right. I guess there’s been such a big change in his character since he went to Stamford way back when that I forgot. Still, that was due to desire, not just awkwardness. So my point about how I would have bought it better if it seemed like he was tempted still stands.

Gabriel Susan Lewis

The cold open was very good. What’s harder than taking care of a boat?

That’s why when it was apparent she wanted to get with Jim two episodes ago, I was hoping for at least a kiss. We all knew it wouldn’t happen. ‘JAM’ fans would be pissed.

I have to admit, I love when shows that are in the vague mockumentary format completely abandon the premise because I think it’s such a dumb thing to have limit a show. I know there are plenty of people who agree with you but it makes me glad.

I also thought it was a stretch to have her in his room like that. Dwight going after the bed bugs was very funny.

It seemed perfectly in character to me. I don’t doubt that Jim would have promptly turned Kathy down if she’d done something unambiguous like trying to kiss him or saying she wanted to sleep with him, but for most of the episode Jim was uncertain what her motives were. I can believe that he would not want to offend Kathy by acting like she’d done something wrong, especially since he could have come off looking a lot worse than she did.

If Kathy had gone back to Scranton and told everyone that she went over to Jim’s room to hang out and watch basketball while her AC was being fixed and then suddenly he said “No, I can’t cheat on my wife! You have to leave!” then it would sound like she was perfectly innocent while he was tempted to sleep around on Pam.

What are you talking about? Everything she did was perfectly innocent. She just happened to be hot and/or dirty and/or cold at various times and Jim blew it all out of proportion.


Why does Kathy still work there anyway? Pam’s not on leave anymore.

And whatever happened to that girl that D’Angelo hired? She just vanished without a trace between seasons.

The Darryl/warehouse girl subplot can end already. Please END ALREADY

Jordan, I think her name was. Yeah, I thought they were going to do the whole, “She has a crush on Jim” thing with her.

Loved the ending with Jim and Dwight rooming together eating the desserts Kathy ordered. Strange bedfellows indeed.

And though I hate both of them, Packer and Nellie seem made for each other.

The best was Stanley creeping past Jim’s window with the hot blonde in tow. Stanley is a playa!

The second best was that entire, catty opening scene.

And in today’s “I’m a pig” report, I was not opposed to Kathy bending over for Jim, the Camera and everyone.

Stanley the rake!

And Ryan admitting to Erin, as if he was surprised to realize it, that he is in love with Kelly.

He said that after he found out it would take a month for him to get to first base with Erin. I didn’t take it as sincere at all.

That’s not what happened. As soon as Erin mentioned something about months or years until they got physical, Ryan instantly bailed out with Kelly as his excuse.