The Office 30 Sep 2010

I haven’t seen a thread yet…

I thought it was a pretty good episode overall. I’m glad they didn’t make Michael a complete moron and fall for Toby’s let’s play a game trick, at least not for long.

I never imagined Pam was the type who would go for that little swindle. I wonder how is that going to end.

Erin’s interpretation of “disposable camera” was adorable. Other than that, though, I thought Dwight’s “pretty woman” subplot was a little silly.

Did anyone else catch Andy say “Jim” instead of “Dwight” at the beginning?

I liked the main plot with Toby and Michael. Not so sure about Pam. They’ve done enough with her character changing positions, and looking for something more. I didn’t understand her last conversation with Gabe, did he know she was lying, but let her have the job? The Dwight side story was sort of funny.

He knew she was lying and for either moral, legal or personal* reasons couldn’t bring himself to call her on it, at least not directly. Pam very quickly realized this and told him to either call her a liar or give her the job. That seemed kind of out of character for her. OTOH, from time to time she has an episode where she bumps up her self-confidence and gets a lot of this type of stuff done.

*Personal as in self-confidence or self-esteem or not rocking the boat, something like that.

Ah, thanks. I still think Pam’s undergone a lot of character shifts like this. One of the reasons she got the Job in sales was because Michael chose her over Ryan. In the process of choosing Pam over Ryan, Michael stated that she didn’t stick to things, (like her art classes).

But Michael really really really…really really wanted to pick Ryan.

Well, I hope she sticks to this job.

I guess Ryan’s really not doing much of anything, as suggested in the episode before this, when the camera panned to him when Michael suggested that every useless employee should be fired, not just his nephew.

This was a surprisingly funny episode to me.

“I’m glad Michael’s in counseling because he really needs the help and he’s stupid”

I like how Ryan is a slightly different type of douche every week.

I miss Dio’s presence in these threads!!

I hope the threads get more lively as the season goes on. Maybe all the people who said they would stop watching actually did.

It was alright if you look at the episode on a stand-alone basis… But when you start comparing it to old season 2-4 episodes, I can’t help but think how badly they need to end this show after this season when Carell leaves. I know it’s all been said before but the characters turning into ridiculous caricatures of themselves really has come true (the Dwight subplot).

No, can you give some context?

Was anybody else kind of put off by Pam’s little scam? It didn’t strike me as funny or clever on her part, just conniving and smug and entitled. I wanted her to get busted. Hopefully she still will, but I have a feeling that they’re now setting her up to take over as office manager after Steve Carell leaves.

The Michael-Toby storyline was OK, and Michael was slightly less goofy than usual.

I’ve never seen Pretty Woman, so that whole thing was kind of lost on me. I gather that Julia Roberts gets turmed away from some kind of ritzy store for looking like a crack whore, and then goes back after she gloms onto Richard Gere, then says “you work on commission? Big mistake.” I don’t get it. Is there something that follows that?

I’m sort of hoping that they work on “fixing” Michael throught the season, and send him off into the sunset with Holly on a good note.

No, they pretty much explained exactly what happened. Julia Roberts had already been hired by Richard Gere, and she goes to Rodeo Drive to get some decent clothes for her month with her prince, while wearing something super whorey. They’re real cunts to her, so she goes back to the hotel and cries and then she gets some decent clothes and some confidence. After that, she goes back dressed to the nines and delivers the line.

In some ways I think that his friendliness to Toby a sign of growth, don’t know if it will stick.

Naw, I’m with you 100%. It’s not some cutesy-poo little scheme she’s trying to pull; it’s flat-out fraud and it seemed way out of character to me.

I think Dwight is becoming too much of a caricature. Last week the bit were he took over the taping of the music video by using a knife and ripping the head off a doll was especially bad. They don’t always go over the line. But, they do it more than they used to.
I still love the show, but I do think they are going too far on the crazy scale with him.

Ok. Now that the negative is out of the way.

I really enjoyed the Toby - Michael interaction in this episode. I think they have done a good job of portraying as a character who has flaws, but is good at heart. They made it seem like he not only felt job satisfaction, but personal satisfaction in being able to help Michael. And, it seemed real that he would feel disgusted after getting so close to helping him and just getting insulted. But, when Michael realized how much it was helping Toby was happy to get back to helping.

And, in the overall course of the series this change makes sense. For the first few seasons Michael saw Toby as an outsider. He was not a part of the local office, but a tool of corporate. With the takeover Toby becomes a part of the Original Dunder Mifflin, and Gabe is the interloper. So, it works as a way for Michael to justify his changing loyalty. Toby is his guy. And, boy does he hate Gabe.

The disposable camera bit was the best part of the show by far. And that’s not really sayign much. Not really finding the show enjoyable anymore, but at least there was no Kathy Bates character this week…

I didn’t like that they portrayed Erin as being that stupid, but I loved her parting shot about not caring if she remembered that day.

Speaking of stupid, the whole Dwight subplot was stoooopid.

That’s becoming the norm for Dwight. I can take him being clueless but essentially harmless, but when his stupidity reaches ridiculous proportion (Establishig a pee corner? Really?) or he passes from rude to dangerous (the doll-head pricciar mentioned), it seems like the writers have just given up on him.

The Michael-Toby storyline was the best so far this year. I’ve always like Michael’s irrational loathing of Toby, and the HR process is exactly what one might have to deal with in a typical office.