The Office - Angry Andy - 4/19

Angela’s a bitch, she’s always been a bitch and I’m glad Dwight killed her cat, you hear me? Glad!

That’s basically what I came away from the episode thinking. I’ve never liked Robert California, Nellie’s antics bore me and I’m really confused as to why the show thought it necessary to humanize her in last week’s episode.

The other night there was an early season 1 episode on syndicated reruns. Ryan was a douchbag poser even when going for his MBA.

That docking Andy’s pay $100 bugged the hell out of me because it’s one of those things that just wouldn’t happen. I’m no HR Payroll expert but I’d guess that this would be illegal and could be fought.

As it was, Andy just stood there and said nothing of the sort.

That bugged me to, especially when she threatened to dock his pay $10,000. I was hoping at that point he would just stand his ground to see what would happen. I would think if his pay was docked $10,200 for standing there he could run that up the corporate ladder and eventually someone would say “You docked his pay for standing in your office…wait, you don’t have an office, who’s office were you in?”…“You’re not the branch manager, he is.”
But that could lead to him being written up for missing a weeks worth of work w/o notice and you know Angela will say she didn’t ok it. His only chance would be for Pam to say that he did turn in a request to cash in his vacation time and Angela must have lost it.

Because at the end of the show, Andy had figuratively (and I guess literally, also) gotten his manhood back. He’s always lived his life looking for validation from other people.

Here, he told off his dad, said no to getting screwed over, didn’t go looking for help somewhere else. If he went to Jo (who’s busy with her law office anyway), then his consistent “No” statements lose a lot of impact (YMMV).

I’m assuming that he and Erin will somehow get back in the office. Robert’s a dick and I think from what I remember he hired Andy more as some sort of weird experiment in seeing what an ineffective manager could do - but now he may hire him back since he’s shown some actual backbone (and talent as a manager).

Not only that but Robert is leaving (right) and Dwight is possibly getting his own spinoff so they’ll need a manger and if there’s one thing I hope this show has learned, it’s that we don’t do well with new people. It’s really built around it’s core group of employees. If they do bring in someone else, I hope they at least tell us it’s from somewhere else in the business, we (the viewers) seem to do better with that then some random person off the street.

I really enjoyed this episode – several laugh-out-loud moments, from the cold open to Ryan’s poem bringing tears to Jim and Pam.

I think Ryan’s genuinely a douchebag, although he’s had a long journey getting there. Even a douchebag can occasionally have a talent of some kind.

But I found myself rooting for Kelly to kick Ryan to the curb and go with that handsome and nice Ravi.

The thing is; Does Kelly deserve Ravi. Ryan might be the more unlikable of the two, but Kelly’s not exactly a catch either.

Good point. She’s crazy.


Well, I’m sure this is probably a way for Kelly’s character to be written off the show.

Yes, that was established last season when Nellie came in to interview for the manager position. They also mentioned it at some point during the Florida plotline, and it’s probably the only reason she still has a job while Packer was sent packing.

Between his interactions with Nellie, and the way he handled the situation with his wife trying to get a job at DM, I get the feeling that Robert is a big ol’ wussbag deep down. Frankly it makes me wonder how he convinced Jo to give him the CEO job in the first place. Must’ve just confused her into it.

Andy deserved to be fired. He walked out on his job for like a week to go find his GF, he should count himself lucky they even offered him a sales job. That doesn’t mean Nelly is the right person for the job, but Andy certainly didn’t deserve it either.