The Office - Angry Andy - 4/19

Anyone still watching? A pretty great episode IMHO. Good cold open. Kelly has a new man in her life. Andy deals with his anger problems, and gets fired at the end.

“Dad, go to Hell! I’m Taller than you!”

Loved it. Lots of great laughs, and Creed’s couple of lines were killer.

I’m going to miss Robert California. Good to hear Warren Buffet doesn’t let sexual arousal get in the way of business deals.

What is to become of Andy and Erin?

I liked the Ryan subplot better than the main plot, which was a little too far-fetched for me.

Erin all pissed-off was so out of character as to be silly.

My humble opinion is that the show is floundering and doesn’t quite know where it wants to go.

I think it was her version of “Stand by Your Man” - Andy was actually angry, and Erin was attempting (badly) to support him. She wasn’t actually angry, it looked out of character because it was. You could tell from her hurt look when Andy went all caveman on her with the “I’m a man and don’t need a woman to help me” bit.

I’m upset he was fired at the end. It should have ended with him tossing Nelly out on her ass

I’ll agree with that. I’m also sick of Robert not standing behind his managers. He’s terrible at his job when all he does is sit back and say ‘let’s see how this plays out’. I have to wonder if Jo will hire back Andy and fire Nelly and Robert.

ETA and why has no one called in Jo on any of Roberts crap decisions? Why didn’t Andy go over Robert/Nelly’s head? He had nothing to lose here. At the very least he could have called her, explained what happened and seen what she had to say about it. He had a good point, he earned that spot and no one is really sure where Nelly came from.

Creed: “Jinx! Buy me some coke.”

Robert California is the CEO. They mentioned in the season premier that he talked Jo Bennet into giving him her job (coinciding with Kathy Bates getting her own series). I know that Jo was mentioned as the one who hired Nellie, so maybe she is Chairman or some other position, or maybe Nellie made that up the same way she made up her being the Scranton office manager.

I’ve hated Robert California for a while now, but this made me hate him worse.

A couple of weeks ago when he was talking to Jim about Nellie it sounded like maybe her and Jo are good friends or something, therefore Robert doesn’t want to upset Nellie and therefore risk upsetting Jo.

Last week and this week the way he’s been treating Nellie, I’m wondering if he wants to have sex with her maybe he’s giving her the job to make her more receptive.

I’m also disappointed in the rest of the office. They all have essentially turned on Andy.

Edit: And D_Odds, yes, Jo is Chairwoman of the company.

If Robert is CEO and Nellie is Chair (or something else anywhere near that high up, let’s just say, on the board of directors) neither of them belong in that office…can you say micromanage. And Nellie sure as hell shouldn’t be taking over the Scranton branch unless she decided that she wanted to get back down to a manger role in which case I wish they would have made that more clear. Right now the whole thing is a big mess. OTOH, how many branches do they actually have? I know they showed the Florida corporate office as being somewhat large, but if Scranton is their only remote branch (or maybe just a few others) I suppose I could see them sticking some of their higher ups out there just for space concerns. Why rent another floor of the building for some huge amount of money when they can just stick a couple of people in each branch and let them work from there…again though, I wish they would explain it to us.

So looking at Wikipedia, Nellie is friends with Jo.

Jo hired Nellie as the President of Sabre’s special projects. She was to head the store that Dwight was made VP of, only for Packer to show up, take over, and then get fired when Robert closed the store.

So it seems she took over the Scranton branch because she had nothing else to do. And Robert won’t stand up to her because she’s Jo’s friend.

I thought that was painfully clear from the get-go.

I think this week he even clearly said he was horny and that’s why he didn’t want to make any decisions about her and Andy.

But still…I’ll be happy to see her go. I really don’t like her character. I don’t like the way she acts or talks or really anything about her at all.

I don’t like the way she looks either and I generally love red heads.

I really liked the ending when Pam and Jim were generally moved by Ryan’s poem.

And the line where Gabe said that Erin told him that sex was like being tackled by a skeleton made me laugh more than an Office line in ages.

I think Ryan is actually supposed to be a deep character but “douche bag” is just one of his acts. He wasn’t a douchebag when he first showed up. At least I don’t think he was, I think he knows that a douche bag/drama queen/guy that’s really into what he wears is what gets Kelly’s attention.

In the scene in the break room where everybody is telling Ryan that they don’t like him, that one guy… I think he’s a warehouse worker (can’t think of the actor’s name). Was it just me, or did he call Ryan by the wrong name? I thought I hear Bryan, or something like that.

Yeah, he called him Bryan, after saying that he hasn’t known him that long…and he still thinks the other guy is better for Kelly.

Nate’s funny.