The official SDMB Halloween costume thread!

We’ve had two or three smaller threads about specific costume ideas, but we don’t yet have a catch-all thread for what all of us are going to be wearing come October 31st.

I have thus far put a good amount of time and effort into makeing a Tony Stark costume (for those that don’t know, Tony Stark is the sort-of secret identity of the superhero Iron Man.) Here’s a couple pictures from the movie that are the exact look I am going for:

Bing and boom.

Here is a nice picture of the arc reactor that I’m trying to recreate:
He built it in a cave with spare parts.
And I know that the arc reactor he has in those first shots is the Mark II, and the one I am making is the Mark I, but that’s because the Mark I looks cooler, and because I haven’t found any good shots of the Mark II.
But, since I’m not Tony Stark, my first attempt at making a plastic “outer ring” for the arc reactor was a disaster:
Very lumpy.

I used polymorph, a plastic product that gets soft and mold-able when it’s put in hot water. I tried candle wax after that, but it was too weak and broke when I took it out of the mold. My third attempt came out very nice. I used a resin you get at crafty stores designed to encase things in a clear block of plastic.
The result.

The pieces of armor were made from foam board:
Not exact replicas, but give me a break I was eyeballing it.

I have added paper mache to strengthen it and a couple layers of bondo so it was able to be sanded smooth and painted:
I’ve also added a couple coats of paint, but don’t have pictures of that yet.

So what’s everyone else going as? Sexy Witch? Sexy Devil? Sexy 1900s steel conglomerate tycoon? (link NSFW because of language.)

I don’t dress up and I haven’t seen Iron Man, but I heartily approve of the work you’ve done on that costume, bouv. The best part of Halloween, to me, is the challenge and creativity of the costume-making, and there’s no doubt you’re kicking ass!

I would LIKE to go as Leela from Futurama (the husband would go as Fry). The only problem is that I can’t figure out a good way to make the eye so that it both looks good and I can see out of it. The rest of it would be pretty easy.

I’ve googled some costumes & found other people’s homemade eyes, but wasn’t impressed with most of them, really.

What about taking one of the old fashioned oval snorkel masks and painting an eyeball on it? Then you set it in the midst of an inflatable ball, use the ball as a base for papier maché, cut out the back of the head and neck, cheap wig from Wal-Mart, and you’re away.

This might work! I was definitely thinking paper mache would be the way to go. My main problem is seeing out. I was thinking I could use some sort of white netting over where my own eyes are, so I could see out but others wouldn’t be able to see in.

The other solution would be to go as Leela from the episode “The Cyberhouse Rules,” when she had plastic surgery to get two eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to be an angel, just a plain boring angel with white wings and a halo. Fishnet stockings, a wand, and lace garter to spice it up a bit.
I’ll share pics after the holiday.

I could make one fake-looking eye that doesn’t move when the other one does.

Then my husband could go as Adlai. He’d have to get one of his Hawaiin shirts toned down, though.

Left Hand of Dorkness and I are thinking of going as a pirate and a ninja. It seems like a fun but not cutesy couples costume. Plus, I like the idea of being a pregnant ninja.

I’m going as a geisha. I was at the Halloween store a couple nights ago and just really liked the costume! It’ll be even more fun with make up.

A couple quick pictures I got when I got home and put my costume on are here and here.

Over the summer I met my current girlfriend over a game of Candyland. No, I’m not making that up.

To celebrate this, we’re going as Mr. Mint and Princess Lolly.

Any thoughts on where I could get a giant (5 or 6 feet tall, ideally) candy cane?

One of those year-round Christmas stores?

Yep. Go and get one of those foam noodles from the pool section. Insert a length of wire into the center and bend it to shape. If you start with a red or white one you can save time and only apply a single coat of spray paint after you tape off the stripes. Best part? it’s lightweight, and you can bop people with it. :slight_smile:

We’re putting all our energy into our kids costumes. They’re going as the two things that strike fear in the hearts of most Americans: Death and Taxes. Our son will be wearing the traditional Grim Reaper costumer: our daughter will be in a blouse, skirt and dress shoes, hair up in a bun, carrying a briefcase and handing out 1040 forms. :smiley:

I must admit, I’m taking it easy this year. The little one chose her own costume for the first time this year - she wants to be A Princess, of course. I started looking through patterns with her, but then we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for lunch and she spotted a really adorable and well made purple princess costume for $30 - about what I would have spent on fabric anyhow.

I feel kind of guilty about letting her wear a store-bought costume, but I’ve just got to get over it. It’s a GREAT dress, and she loves it, and it’s simple to get into and out of (one velcro strip up the back, with three or four layers of fake skirts) and she’ll be able to wear it for dress up play for at least a year or two.

The 15 year old is still undecided about his participation this year. I’m in favor of the “self absorbed teenager” costume a Doper told us about in another thread, but he’s not entirely sold on the notion. There are a few anime characters he’s considering. But he may end up being too cool to dress up this year. :frowning:

Me? I’m attending a Samhain rite with an unfamiliar group of my husband’s professional colleagues who are in town for a conference, so I’m going to stick to a black dress, cloak and a wonderfully over the top witchy hat I picked up on clearance at Target last year - it’s black with netting and feathers and sparkles. Not so much a costume as dressing up for church! :smiley:

I’m reusing a handmade Dorothy costume (used for a costume party several years ago but never for Halloween) and **The Superhero **will be the Scarecrow. We’re working on his costume this weekend. Also, I still need to figure out what to do about ruby slippers, but I have a few ideas.

I’m rebuilding my old Airsoft-playing gear with some new patches to have an accurate Russian Special Forces/Spetznaz uniform.

All I really need is a toy rifle with it.

I even got a shemaugh (the Afghani version of the neckscarf/headwrap thing a lot of Muslim cultures have), since Spetznaz have been affecting that as a headgear.

I’m low on funds so I just threw something together. I’ll be doing a black and white thing.

tiny black satin hat from a Mr Magoo doll.

white domino mask.

white ascot

black and white striped t-shirt

black cummerbund

black tuxedo jacket

one white glove, one black

a black and gold cane I made from a discarded table leg.

a black and white striped loincloth

black and white striped leggings

black formal shoes.

Pair of shoes from the thrift store (or that old pair that you’ve been meaning to donate to the thrift store), spray adhesive and a bag of red glitter.

I think I could do a pretty good Sarah Palin and I’m trying to talk my husband into going as a well-armed moose.