The Oklahoma governors race

Can someone explain to me why the Oklahoma governors race turned out as it did? (It seems that the Republican vote was split by the independent candidate. True?)

(I had heard that Largent was supposed to be a shoo-in, but latest results have him losing by around 5,000 votes.)


Yeah, I ranted about it over in the pit.

The news here (OKC) is saying that the Indie candidate took mostly republican voters, the cockfighting bill had an unprecidented number of rural folk voting who all liked Henry, and that Henry came across as a really nice guy, while Largent had this one really incredibly bad interview where he swore at the reporter. Plus, I personally, didn’t see much Largent campaing stuff prior to the interview snafu.

Seems like even without the Indie guy, it would’ve been close.

Hope that helps. Anyone else?