The old General Cinema jingle

For some reason, the old General Cinema jingle popped in my head. It is still drumming away. For those unaware of what I am talking about, or those who remember, it was played before the feature presentation at General Cinemas From at least the late 60’s (possibly earlier although I am not old enough to remember) until the early 80’s. On the screen was a 2d animation of rolling movie reels on one side of the screen with the film going to the other side of the screen with It was revived about a decade later as a nostalgic opener to an animated band of popcorn bags and sodas playing a different song.

But it was such a catchy tune. a drum rythim (ta…ta…tatata) that paused for three quick guitar solos. Well, General Cinemas are long gone from Houston.

Anyone know anything about this tune? Its history? Does it have a name? Or was it just a corporate jingle.

All I know about it is that you’ve got it stuck in my head too now.

That, and the one where you’re flying through space and popcorn starts exploding all over the place, then you do a fly-by of a giant Coke cup and a box of candy. The promo finally ended with the non-sequitur “There is no smoking in this theater.”

MST3K parodied that one on one of their episodes, and then going back into the theater Tom Servo was humming the General Cinema jingle (do doo de do de doo ta-ta taaa ta-ta taaa).

What a great tune! I also remember that it would end with the stylized reels scrolling out either “coming attractions” or “feature presentation”

Anyone remember “Timmy the Trash Can”?

Loews (I think) had a great little thing a few years ago that was the Muppets singing a song with the line “Don’t forget to watch the movie.”

It always made me smile.