The oldest jingle you have in your memory

Feed the cat this morning, his wet Meow Mix looked and smelled just like Beefaroni, so I sang to him (shut up! You’d sing to him to if you saw him):

We’re having Beefaroni
Beef with macaroni
Beefaroni, what a treat!
Beefaroni, made with meat!
Beefaroni, smell my feet!
Hurray! for Beefaroni.

So I looked up the commercial because I was sure the real words weren’t “smell my feet” but that was always the way I sang it. Turns out all those declarative statements are wrong. I still like my version better. Anyway, I found out that this commercial is from 1966. It must have played for a few years because I was a toddler in '66. This jingle is older than the Peak Freans, Baby That-Away and My Buddy jingles still rattling around in my head by almost a decade.

What is the oldest jingle buried in your brain? Post lyrics off the top of your head-- no Google cheating!

Does it have to be from advertising?

¡Vamos a la cama
que hay que descansar,
para que mañana
podamos estudiar!

Let’s go to bed
for we must rest
so that tomorrow
we can go to school

was the jingle played on TVE1 at 9pm, right before the nightly news. According to Google, it’s officially called la familia Telerín (the Telerin family), the characters had actual names and it started being broadcast in 1964, which puts my age at the time at -4 years.

If it’s got to be from ads then it’s two Christmas-related ones:
las muñecas de Famosa
se dirigen al Portal
para hacer llegar al Niño
su cariño y su amistad
y Jesús en el pesebre
sonríe porque está alegre
Navidad jubilosa
I don’t know what goes here
es el mensaje de amor
de las muñecas Famosa

Translation from the actual lyrics (turns out I’d shuffled the Christmas verse one ahead):
Famosa’s dolls
head to Bethlehem
to give to the Child
their friendship and love
and Jesus in the manger
smiles because He’s happy
Good-night (=Christmas’ Eve) of love,
Christmas of joy,
is the loving message
from the Famosa dolls.

According to Google it’s from the early 1970s.

Vuelve, a casa vuelve,
vuelve a tu hogar,
que hoy es Nochebuena
y mañana Dios dirá,
vuelve, a casa vuelve
por Navidad.

Return, go back home,
come back to where you’re from,
for today it’s Good-night (=Christmas’ Eve)
and tomorrow God will tell (=que sera sera)
return, come back home,
in time for Christmas.

Again early 1970s, from ads for a brand of nougat, El Almendro; the ads change but the jingle remains. I can’t find links for it now, but I remember hearing something about having considered changing it and getting such a bad reaction from test groups that the notion got shelved. The lyrics have changed slightly through the years as well.This link has both videos and a bit of story.

From 1957, Bucky Beaver:

Brusha brusha brusha,
Here’s the new Ipana.
With the brand new flavor,
It’s [something] for your teeth.

I also remember, from the 50s:

You’ll wonder where the yellow went
When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.

I have no idea why there were so many toothpaste commercials back then.

Pepsi-Cola hits the spot.
12 ounce bottles, that’s a lot.
Twice as much for a nickel, too.
Pepsi-Cola is the drink for you.

Before my time, of course, but I remember it well.

I’m aware of the Interwoven Socks jingle (usually credited as the oldest), but I don’t know the words or tune.

I love Bosco, Bosco’s right for me …

I’m going to off on a tangent because this crossed my mind and it wasn’t worth it’s own thread:

I realized recently that there is a bunch of classical music that immediately makes me think of commercial jingles from the 1960’s.

Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody was used in a campaign for long-defunct Western Airlines, which gave you a $1 drink voucher if you weren’t happy: “Western pays, a buck a flub…”
Verdi, Triumphal March from Aida: “Just look, 29 elephants loaded with Golden Grain”
Leoncavallo, Vesti la Giubba: “No more Rice Krispies…we’ve run out of Rice Krispies”
Tchaikovsky, 1812 Overture: “This is the cereal that’s shot from guns…”

The cows, and the sheep,
and the birds, and the horses,
were mooing, and baaing,
and whistling, and neighing,
having lunch in the sun.

While Hugo and I
were having none,
in the back seat,
we sat getting thinner.
The rumblings cried
“Give us Kentucky Fried,
Time for dinner!”

So Dad stopped the car.

And Hugo said “You go.”
And I said “No, you go.”
And soon he was back
with the pack
and then Dad hit the track
so we ate in the back
feeling better inside!

A drive isn’t funny
with an empty tummy.
Thank goodness for Kentucky Fried.

Also from the 50s:

Brylcreem, a little dab’ll do ya,
Brylcreem, you’ll look so debonair,
Brlycreem, the girls will all pursue ya,
They’ll love to get their fingers in your hair!

Mmmm, greasy fingers!

Oh, the big red letters stand for the Jello family!
Oh, the big red letters stand for the Jello family!
That’s Jello! (Yum, yum, yum)
Jello pudding! (Yum, yum, yum!)
Jello tapioca pudding yes-sir-eee!

Or that last line could be “just for me”. I’m not sure.

This was from 1949–way before my time; my mother was still in grade school. But Jello was the sponsor for Lucille Ball’s pre-ILL radio show “My Favorite Husband” and I’ve heard that jingle enough times listening to the old episodes on the ILL DVD’s that I not only sing along, but may sing it whenever the subject of Jello comes up.

Oh drats. I copied a link to my entry before I read the whole OP. Mine is not a jingle or commercial song. It’s the earliest music I have memory of. It’s Pachabel canon in D It honestly is one of the fondest memories I have; lying in bed with my mother as a small child, smelling the lotion she had applied after bathing. Feeling her smooth arms as she held me, quietly we listened. I even remember the pajamas she always wore back then: billowy white shorts with lightish blue polka dots and a matching flowing top with short-sleeves that were so baggy and big on her tiny body they virtually covered her all the way to her wrists. All I have to do is listen to that song, heck, the first minute of that song, and the emotions and memories come flooding back so intensely I can’t believe it was more than 30 years ago.

The first thing I thought of was for Alka Selzter :

“Plop, plop fizz fizz
Oh what a relief it is”

But apparently that’s from 1976 and I know I can do better than that.

Oscar Myer’s “Oh I wish I were an Oscar Myer Weiner” jingle goes back to 1968 but I certainly don’t remember the original commercial.

I can remember tons of jingles but as I look them up, they all seem to be from around early to mid '70s.

How about the Levis commercial from 1970 . . .

“Good morning world
I’m ready for you (hoo hoo hooo)
Cuz I’m wearin’ my Levis
Lee hee hee he he vies HAW HAW”

Once upon a time there was an engineer
Choo Choo Charlie was his name, we hear.
He had an engine and he sure had fun
He used Good & Plenty candy to make his train run.
Charlie says “Love my Good & Plenty!”
Charlie says “Really rings my bell!”
Charlie says “Love my Good & Plenty!”
Don’t know any other candy that I love so well!

Every once in a while, this pops into my head:

Goldwater, Goldwater, he’s our man
Johnson belongs in the garbage can

One of my earliest memories, singsonging this in the front yard with the neighbor kids.

That would be 1964.

I remember too many of them secondhand, through my parents. However, I can be sure I’m not “cheating” with “Two all-beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun”. 1975, apparently.

Munchie Crunchies are the best
Look delicious on your vest!
Serve them to unwanted guests,
Stuff your mattress with the rest!

Riot at drugstore!
Calling all cars!
100 customers,
99 jars.

Say the magic word, say Mission Pack
And it’s on its merry way
No gift so bright, so gay, so right
Send a Mission Pack magic way

Seriously, back in the day, you would send a box of oranges and stuff to your relatives outside CA & FL, like say in the midwest or eastern sea coast- and they were appreciated too.

You couldn’t routinely get such fresh fruit year around in the normal stores of the time.

Winston tastes good like a cigarette should…

This one.Still know it by heart.

You’ll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!

Candy coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize! That’s what you get with CrackerJack!

Milwaukee radio circa 1950s early 1960s

I’m from Milwaukee and I ought to know:
It’s draft brewed Blatz beer, wherever you go.
Smoother and fresher, less filling that’s clear,
Blatz is Milwaukee’s finest beer.