"The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy"

I hadn’t even considered this to be remotely possible, but this guys pulling it off with some success!
“The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy,”

It’s hilarious. And in a couple of months he’ll open The One-Man Lord of the Rings. Seriously!

From his website clips of his One Man Star Wars Trilogy and his One Man Lord of the Rings.

I just watched the clip on his website.

What comes after post-modernism?


I’ve seen both of his shows, and they are hilarious and very impressive, not only in how he manages to convey the entire trilogy in just an hour with all of the main plot points and clear characterizations, but the sheer physical exertion he puts into it. You definitely need to be very familiar with both movie trilogies to get the shows, so I got a bit more out of the Lord of the Rings one than Star Wars, but still enjoyed them.

Just a word of warning to anyone who goes to see his shows though - the first 3 or 4 rows are the “spray zone”, so you’re probably best staying a bit further back. This may not be as big a problem in the larger venues he seems to be playing these days, but at a smaller venue like the Victoria Fringe Festival where I saw him, it’s a very definite hazard.

I saw this about a year and a half ago, and I thought it was amazing and hilarious. Not only does the guy impersonate the characters, he does the music and sound effects, too. His R2D2 is dead-on. And his Jabba the Hut is hilarious.

I saw it in a small theater in the western suburbs of Chicago, and one of the local fan clubs had a bunch of members there in costume. I sat directly behind a (thankfully short) stormtrooper, which just added to the bizarre atmosphere.