The opposite sex

Name at least one trait/ability/advantage you are jealous of that the opposite gender enjoys. Please explain.

Women on average have a longer life span, a superior immune system, and better dexterity. As well as better color discrimination, better social intelligence, slightly better senses of taste, smell and touch, more flexible joints, and greater mental stability. I’d like all of those, especially if I get to keep all the standard male advantages like muscle mass on top of them.

It would be nice to be a woman and never be wrong and therefore never, ever have to apologize.

Guys usually have better night vision, mine sucks.

I’ve often thought it would be nice to be a woman so I could have boobs, but I’d probably be straight, and wouldn’t get nearly as much enjoyment out of them.

Male here. I want multipile orgasams. I would also like someone to share them with.

I’ve known a couple men who could have multiple orgasms. It was exhausting.

As for me, I wouldn’t mind being able to pee without undressing. Camping would be a lot more fun.

The ability to grow a beard.
More muscle mass. I’m not weak, but I have to work out like a bastard to get any kind of muscle.
Being able to pee without undressing, like belladonna mentioned.

The ability (if not hideously ugly) to procure sex at virtually any time and with virtually any one would be kind of cool.

The ability to pee outside without pulling down your pants, thus exposing your delicate parts to the elements.

Other things I possibly envy are arguable: For example, the ability to garner respect and viewed as a leader just because you have a penis. I’m sure that while this is true, the ownership of a penis also results in having to live up to certain expectations, and when you do not, you are looked at as odd or as a sissy-boy or whatever.

Another arguable trait: the ability to think of only one thing at a time, and to be supposedly ecstatically happy if you have a willing sex partner, access to the food and drink you like, and some sort of sporting event to watch on your hi-def TV.

Wait–is this about men or women? Because I’m a woman and not hideously ugly by any means, and I can’t procure sex in this way.

(sorry if this is a thread hijack):confused:

I echo the pee-without-stripping sentiment.

A couple of other arguable things to add to kapri’s list - being taken seriously be some contractors (many still ask me to talk to the men of the house when I need some work done on our home) and not having to be “on” with the kids all the time, especially tired, fussy babies. Don’t get me wrong - it’s nice being someone else’s whole world. But after you’ve been providing for a sick kid all day who will not let you put her down even to pee, it’d be nice to be able to hand her off without her screaming bloody murder because she’s away from you.

Another arguable one inspired by **overlyverbose’**s post–being able to walk into a car dealership and not feel as though you are being treated condescendingly.

Oh, man. Being able to understand directions and find places would be awesome. I hear men are generally better at that than women.

The ability to go through an entire month without pelvic pain, a 5 pound weight gain and feeling like I’m in junior high again would also be nice.

Trying to make it through one day on the Straight Dope without hearing about how fucked up your gender is. That’d be tops. Jesus Christ this sexist shit pisses me off.

I want the lack of body self-consciousness that would let me strut my blubbery stuff in a Speedo, thinking I’m kind of hot.

Cite? (I don’y mean that in a snarky way. Just currious is all)

Multitasking. Like watching TV and reading a book at the same time.

The convenient built-in pee-pee hose is the only thing that I really envy.

I was just going to say that about men. It’s true of my husband, Dad and Brother, anyway!

Yes you can. Walk into an average bar and ask the first single, straight guy you encounter if he would like to come home with you for sex. I’d say there’s an above 80% that he will accept on the spot. If he doesn’t, he probably has a good reason.

I’d grant that an average woman can’t have sex with anyone, since some men will simply be rich/famous/attractive enough to be able to discriminate, but the majority of men don’t fall into that category.

I’d take multitasking and manual dexterity.

I think it would be neat to be able to grow a beard and keep my face warm in the winter time.

Agreed. That goes for both men-bashing and women-bashing. Just knock it off already people.