For Single Straight Men Only--If the Average Woman in a Bar...

So single straight guys, the question is–if the average woman walked into a bar and walked right up to you and asked you to come home with her sex, would you say yes, no, or maybe?

Assume that she is average in attractiveness and in all other aspects. How you define “average” is up to you, of course, but remember–this is woman is average average. In other words, she’d score a 5 on the proverbial 1-10 scale.

As for how to define “single”…well, I have no idea. Let’s define it as having no agreement to be monogamous at the moment.

If you’re wondering why “no” and “maybe” are lumped together: this poll was inspired by the following statement in this thread.

This poll is set to private.

Never mind-fixed in post-op.

How drunk is the guy in your scenario?

On the average, men might be more eager, at least outwardly, but that quote is a huge exaggeration. 80%? No way. Maybe in a really seedy bar, but not the average bar.

I’m a married guy, so I can’t vote in this. Way back in the day when I was single, I suppose that I would have been a “maybe”.

I haven’t voted yet because I am on all three sides fence.

My instinctual answer is “no” because I’m paranoid and can envision a few scenarios that end badly for me.

But this is the logical part of my brain talking, since I’m at home in front of a computer. If I were out and got propositioned like this, I honestly don’t know if logic would win this battle.

I suppose I’ll vote no just because that was my immediate thought upon reading the OP (well I knew what this was about before even opening the thread but still)

I’d look around for any signs of Ashton Kuchner and the *Punk’d *camera crew, as it’s got to be some sort of set-up.

Yeah, says something about how my mind works, but is true…

I voted no because I would think something’s up. If I could be assured that this wasn’t a trick of some kind, then yeah, I would.

I feel similarly. It’s not so much that I think I’m not attractive. It’s because it’s just so outside the norm. It would be like someone offering you a substantial sum of money–you know there’s got to be some strings attached.

That said, I actually like that I’d be paranoid. Because, otherwise, my hormones would likely take over. And, unlike a lot of you, I actually find it unethical to have sex with someone I am not in love with. I’d feel about myself the way Yogsooth feels about drinkers.

I also haven’t voted, for much the same reason. She could have herpes simplex LVIII – a virus so mutated that it not only can live on toilet seats for up to 37 days, but it can also talk and will taunt you. Or she might have an aversion to personal hygiene. Or whatever.

I don’t think it’s unethical, as long as both parties know the rules. It certainly wouldn’t be as satisfying as sex-within-love, but there’s nothing wrong with getting some play if both agree that that’s what it is.

I think you have to realize that 5 out of 10 is not a particularly impressive score. And since there is nothing else to go on, the only other factor is how long has it been and how are the other prospects in the bar are looking. I can only go with maybe on this one.

I’d be suspicious because really, I’m pretty average at best myself and that’s absolutely not something I’d expect. I’d also be a little worried about catching something, too - if she’s willing to go home with some random guy at the bar without even talking to him or anything first who knows who else she’s been with?

But I’d probably go for it anyway, to be honest.

Sounds like a “maybe” to me.

All right, then. It’s official.

Unless drunk, any normal man who is neither very handsome, known to be rich, or a celebrity of some kind is going to look at a (non-drunk) woman doing this (agreeing to sex cold with no leadup ro conversation) as probably being mentally unbalanced or challenged in some way. It really depends on your appetite for danger and adventure.

Not that I don’t love all of your guts, because I do, but I wouldn’t think the responses of SDMB men to mirror the responses of actual men in an actual bar.

I think this would be the reasoning of most men who decline, which makes sense to me. Why is a random woman asking you to sleep with her? What’s the catch? Is she winning a bet? Does she have the clap? What?

I’d probably start a conversation with her and the topic would drift to something else so any chance would be lost before I even made up my mind.

So that’s “maybe”, like winning the lottery is a “maybe”.

Should anybody wish to test this hypothesis, I can arrange to be at a bar sometime next week.

:stuck_out_tongue: You’re a very silly lady.

I just thought that guy’s statement was ridiculous and wanted to see what people had to say about it.

Nope… Don’t do average.


Yeah? You think it’s ridiculous that most men would say yes to a woman who is propositioning him? Maybe I think to little of other people (?).

Never settle.