Come up to my room. I want you ( to fuck me/ get fucked by me)

Poll coming.

Its Friday after work and you are in the local hotel bar and all your married co-workers have just left. You are recently single/available and have no idea how to begin the weekend. Suddenly an old attractive aquaintance of the opposite/preferred sex takes a seat at the bar next to you and strikes up a conversation. He/She is temporarily in the town/city and he/she is looking for a good time.

You are having a wonderful conversation.

Suddenly he/she tells you he/she wants you to come up to his/her room and fuck !

That plain and simple.

What do you do ?

Is this a trick question? Because the way you have set it up, the answer seems obvious…

You said attractive but how old? I am 37 and women older than me don’t usually age all that well. If I get to cherry-pick, sure I could find some good examples but she would have to be a former 11 working her way down slowly through the scores.

I didn’t vote because I really don’t know. I don’t have any special morals but I have historically been a really hard person to lay. I would appreciate the directness though and might take her up on it if she was really hot enough and I didn’t have anything better to do.

If they said, “I want to get fucked by you,” I’d too busy trying to find them a Strunk and White to want to have sex.

I wanna be fucked by you,
Just you and nobody else but you
I wanna be fucked by you, alooooone
pooh pooh pidoo…

I went with the second choice even though I’m not sure reticent is how I’d describe myself in that situation. But I wouldn’t be “I’ve got a hard-on so my brain’s turned off for the rest of the evening” which is what the first option seems to be saying. I’m not a teenager - I can be aroused and still be sentient.

How is this even a question?

“You win the lottery: do you accept the money?” Yeah, that’s a toughie, all right.

Is this a trick question or posted to win a bar bet with a girl?

If you are a guy, are single, have been drinking and someone attractive wants to fuck you?

I suppose the question is to set up to see if it produces the expected answer:

Men will go for it, women will run like hell?

Can’t help you with the “room” but how about the whole damn house???

Kudos to anyone who knows whose relative this may be?

Come on to my house-uh!

Have fun listening!


I think there are actually a lot of social expectations in play here, for various combos of genders and sexual orientations, in terms of how we would expect people to respond, as well as how we would think it *proper *to respond. Also consider the person initiating the encounter. After searching my own ugly subconscious, here are some of my personal prejudices, presented entirely subjectively:

[SPOILER]If it’s a man who suggests the trip to the room, he is a perv (and so should be avoided).
If a woman suggests it, she’s a slut (but it’s OK to fuck her, of course).

As for the response, a man would (or at least should, if he’s a real man) of course go for it.
A woman would (or at least should, if she’s a proper lady) run away from the perv (unless the perv is me, in which case she should, and I expect will, act like a slut and give it up - otherwise she’s a prude and an icicle as well as most likely gay).

The above goes for heterosexual encounters. For same-sex relations, my expectations are a bit different. Two gay men? I would think it OK to ask, as well as OK and expected to go for it - slutty and/or pervy behavior is only par for the course from gay guys. Two gay women? It’s OK to ask, and OK to go for it, and the video is, I assume, available for download later, all in soft focus and slow motion, with a jazz soundtrack, for us men to enjoy (what, are you saying that isn’t the purpose of female homosexuality?).[/SPOILER]
So, huh, thanks, I guess. An opportunity for some interesting introspection, there.

Somewhere between option 2 and 3 for me. I’d be far too cautious - and I think I’d find it a little threatening.

Are there people who don’t know that Rosemary Clooney is George Clooney’s aunt?

If I’m actually single and available (and horny enough), he wouldn’t even have to be that attractive. In fact, just skip the conversation.

Somewhere between option 5 and 6. I would feel uncomfortable about someone being so forward and using those words to describe what they want. Especially because, according to this situation, we haven’t “done it” before. So it wouldn’t turn me on even if he’s hot.

Given the scenario in the OP (single etc) I’d still be somewhat wary because, simply, women aren’t usually that forward, at least IME, and since I don’t look like Brad Pitt I’d wonder why she was so determined that we suddenly hook up.

I’m waaaay too suspicious, so it would have to be someone I knew really well for me to even consider it. In which case, I’m would be changing the relationship in a very fundamental way, so I probably wouldn’t do it, since I try not to make important decisions when I’m in the bag.

This is kind of a goofy question. I’m single, some dude that I’ve known forever that I’m hot for shows up and says he wants to get busy? Of course I go for it. Duh.

Mind you, I am a slut*, which seems to be the premise, if not of the OP, of a bunch of posters in this thread.

*Well, I was before I got married. Now I’m a boring old married woman.

Insufficient information.

Firstly, I think people would be stunned to know just how often this actually would work with me. For some reason I seem to project that I’m really hard to get and would find many men beneath me, whereas actually, if you ask me nicely, probability is I’ll say yes.

And this is exactly where the information is insufficient. Even if we have his “line” quoted word for word, I couldn’t tell you what I’d do without knowing the vibe between us in the lead-up and also, without knowing just “how” (tone of voice, body language) he says those words. I need to feel both respected and desired. Which doesn’t mean free drinks, diamonds, false promises or other elaborate drama. But I do like it when the semblance of a seduction is being kept up. Can’t tell from the OP if that’s the case.