Single straight women: If an Average Man in a Bar...

Reciprocal thread to this one: just trying to be fair here. :cool:

Haha, it happens all the time. The answer is always no.

Back when I was way younger and way more stupid, I used to do exactly this around closing time.

If I remember correctly, I think the ratio was somewhere around one in ten would say yes.

That’s why I never make the attempt.

Seriously, I’ve never gone to a bar to attempt to pick someone up. I only go if I’m already in a group of friends or if I’m meeting them there.

There will be a difference in responses I’m sure. I think it’s because there’s a tendency for men to show more bravado, like “I’m brave and brash enough to do this crazy thing! Vulnerability? What’s that? I laugh in the face of danger! Ha!”

Whereas there’s more of a tendency for women to advertise their restraint and discretion, and non-desperateness.

Something that neither of these threads has addressed yet is whether all the responders are telling the truth, to themselves or to the rest of the world. It’s real easy to stand up and say “Yes, I would readily go home with a stranger for sex!” but when it comes time to actually do it, how many of these people would actually put their money where their mouth is?

Or vice versa.


I’d say sure. Then I’d roll the drunken fool for his wallet in the parking lot.

Can’t answer. I have no clue what an average man looks like or if I’m attracted to him. Probably not. What’s attractive about average?

Though when I was in my late teens there were parties where I would have willingly made out with (almost) any guy who had proposed it. Just for fun and practice. There’d have to be no pressure, though.

Absolutely not. He’d have to buy me a beer and tell me his name first.

(then dinner and his life story)

Almost put a big disclaimer on the “average” tag, since so many people in the other thread obsessed about it, so as thread starter I say feel free to downplay that requirement.

Aha! So you’re the one! I’d like my wallet back please…

Not only would I say no, duh, I might report him to the manager or bouncer, and if I was alone for some reason, would later ask to be escorted out to my car. This sounds serious creepy, like he’s got some kind of brain damage.

I think I just fell in love with you a little bit.

<guards wallet>


Nah, it’s only that temporary brain damage. It’s over when the blood starts returning to the other parts of the body.

Report him to the manager or bouncer for what? Propositioning you? In a bar? They’d probably gladly escort you to your car. Immediately. Because they’d be thinking YOU have brain damage!

I said I MIGHT report him. It would depend. If he was some goofy kid sitting and laughing with his friends and it seemed like he was doing this on a dare, I would laugh at him while telling him to fuck off. If he was by himself and just made a beeline for me and blurted out a proposition, I’m sorry, I would find that creepy and scary. If I’m in a public place I want to feel safe, I don’t want to be verbally assaulted, and I don’t want to feel like some head case is lurking out in the parking lot waiting for me. What part of that don’t you grasp?

“Verbal assault”? Really? :dubious:

Have you ever been to a bar?