Single straight women: If an Average Man in a Bar...

I know the answer to that question: “No.”

But both the polls are anonymous :confused:

Wish I’d figured this out a while ago, my wife is the kind of woman who rarely comes out and says “I want sex” when she’s in the mood. She’d prefer to say that she’s not in the mood and let me figure out if she actually isn’t in the mood or not (I think part of the thrill of it for her is being “taken” when she said “no”. Shrug, beats me why some women want that but she isn’t the first woman I’ve encountered like that.)

Can’t tell you how many years it toook me to figure out that “no” doesn’t always mean “no”, but it sometimes does mean “no”.

(Disclaimer: in no way am I one of those boorish males who actually believe that “no doesn’t mean no”, if I don’t know a woman well enough (and I mean so well that I know her about as well as I know myself), I always take “no” to mean “no”. If you’re a woman that actually wants to play that game, save it for when you can trust the person you’re with implicitly.)

I don’t either. Plus one gal’s average is another’s, “Holy smokes.” Maybe this average man that some girls are turning down is like…my holy grail of men!

Benny Hill as interviewer: “Is it true that when women say no, they really mean yes?”
Woman: <long pause> “No”

I see four women have voted Yes.

So, which bars do you hang out at? Any in London?