Single/Swinging GBT men/women: If the average man/woman walked into a bar...

Where the man or woman is the desired sex. Inspired by this spin off of this thread. I felt we were leaving out a sizable section of the SDMB village :).

I have no moral problem myself against one-night-stand pickups. But I’d have to be attracted to them. An average man could be ANYONE…there’s no directionality in the question. There are plenty of men I know that I have no desire to sleep with whatsoever…they just don’t do anything for me visually (which is really generally the whole enchilada if you’re doing bar pickups).

Why “no or maybe”? Maybe is my answer, and is a lot different from no.

This is so cute! My thread had babies!

Well, in a lot of gay bars, “hi” pretty much already has the same effect. :slight_smile:


Thus the old saying that a blowjob is a gay man’s handshake… :wink:

I was wondering if someone would do this. But why did you add ‘swinging’? The other threads didn’t.

Anyway, the answer’s no, almost definitely. For the same reason as the blokes in the other thread: I’d suspect a con or a crazy person. Gay female here, ftr. I have been propositioned in almost exactly this way - by attractive people that I was fairly certain weren’t crazy or con-artists - and said no because, well, basically, I’m just not that easy. I’d need to chat to and flirt with someone for a while before I had any idea if I fancied them enough to have sex.

I wonder if it might not have been useful to have separate threads for each gender for this one too.

That’s pretty much how my partner and I met . . . not that I’m calling him “average.”

I would be a maybe. I’ve been propositioned by ‘average’ guys and said no way, others struck my fancy for some reason.

No, I’m looking for a relationship, not sex.

Although I might be tempted if they were really cute.

Probably. I’m way too easy…

I don’t hang out in bars. If an average person messaged me through the net (where I meet most people) if I didn’t find them attractive then no, I wouldn’t. I have met plenty of people off the net for a casual shag, is that equivalent?