For Single Straight Men Only--If the Average Woman in a Bar...

In the scenario presented, no. Mainly out of fears that the woman has some sort of spreadable sexual disease, or is plotting something embarassing/nefarious.

I still think the general belief behind the original statement which sparked the poll is correct, though. A quick change to the scenario illustrates this - if any of my female friends, at least average in appearance, asked me for sex, I’d take her up on it. The only requirement here is that I know and trust them enough that any of the fears stated above wouldn’t be applicable.

(In other words, I agree with YogSoSoth and MeanOldLady)

I find it interesting that judging by the responses, you’d expect ‘Yes’ to be well behind in the poll, and yet there’s a clear 50/50 split in the actual results.

If I was really hammered, “Yeah why not”

If I had any of my senses about me, this would be too good to be true. I would probably think she was a hooker and diss her.

No. I would suspect an ulterior motive, such as robbery.

I vote no because a woman who does that likely has psychological problems and/or various diseases. That or she is up to something ulterior.

If I had reason to believe she didn’t do that kind of thing all the time, was fairly physically and emotionally healthy and did it because she found something about me extremely attractive, then maybe.

As the OP is phrased, absolutely not. I mean, if this woman is average in all respects - that is, average on my personal attractiveness scale for humor, beauty, intelligence, kindness, and so on - then she’s basically about as attractive as wallpaper. I mean, I’ve known plenty of women who weren’t particularly good-looking at first glance, but had something - wit, charisma, whatever - that made them sexy as hell. But the woman described - just not worth wondering whether or not she’s escaped from the looney bin.

Go home, and spend some “quality time” thinking about someone more interesting.

Too much fear of STDs or pregnancy.

The people saying yes would probably feel less need to explain their answer.

Yes, once I had established that I wasn’t being scammed in some way.

See, that’s the great big flaw in the poll - every guy in that situation would be looking for the scam. Delete the potential for scams and danger from the poll and you’ll see very different results.

If you’re female, imagine some random guy walking up to you in a bar and offering you an all expenses paid holiday in an exotic location. What’s your first thought? “Oh boy” or “This has got to be a scam”? That’s the equivalent.

Men (apart from the aforementioned celebrities etc) have to work for sex. It’s never given freely, it’s an obstacle course that we’re forced to run through blindfolded, which almost always leaves us both hurt and confused, and very rarely ends with us getting laid.

Every straight guy learns that very early on. And we’ve all been played for a sucker by, for instance, women who go out and get drunk for free by scamming guys into buying them drinks by pretending sexual interest in them.

This poll is just another example of how little understanding most women have of the male experience.

Your scenario is impossible by definition, since a woman who came up to me and said this would not be average.

I voted no or maybe.

No. Had it happen a lot when I frequented dance clubs (and many decidedly above average), and I said no then, too. If they asked for my phone number or suggested a date, I said yes.

Bad thing is, I think a lot of women, especially women in the club/bar scene, also think the percentage is higher, like Stoneburg’s 80% in the quote in the OP, or even that the only way a guy would turn down sex is if they were gay or found the woman deeply unattractive. When I’ve shot down offers and it’s clear that I’m not gay, I’ve had women burst into tears and run out of the club crying, thinking there’s something wrong with them. I’m not sure where the perception of “all a woman has to do is ask the first guy she sees” comes from, and it seems dangerous. This isn’t a pre-AIDS sexually-free 1970s disco scene, and if your self-esteem is so fragile that not getting a sexual partner the second you ask for one is going to destroy you and send you running home in tears, I’m really glad I don’t go home with strangers.

Very doubtful. For one thing I’m just not into the whole “casual sex” mindset and for another if she comes on to me like this in a bar I’m sure I’m the latest in a series of anonymous encounters. Not a good risk r.e. STDs, crazy, etc.

No. I would think there is an ulterior, malicious, motive.

Turn the clock back twenty years to my single days, and I’d probably have done a little elementary fact-checking, but my default reaction would have been “Great!”. A nice average-looking girl would have been well up to par for me, if not a little better than.

What would have been most likely to put me off would be the suspicion that I was being set up either for a scam or for someone’s idea of a good laugh, or it was all a psychology experiment, 'cos in my experience averagely attractive women do. not. offer. me. sex on a plate. You have to pardon a man for entertaining a little suspicion.

I would have thought the post you based this thread on was hyperbole. No, 80% of straight single men would not really say yes to a strange woman who walked and asked them back to her place for sex. As others have said, that would set alarm bells ringing.

Have a conversation, flirt a little, and so on, and yeah, a woman who is of average attractiveness could probably get sex if she really wanted to. Not in 80% of cases, but maybe over 50%.

I’m female, and when I was supposedly straight and single it was ridiculous how little effort I had to make to even have a guy trying to chat me up. Actually I never made any effort, because it happened without it. These days, if I go out without my partner (and sometimes with) I still get chatted up a lot. Would all of those guys have gone for full sex if I were up for it? Most of them, yeah.

Of course, in some bars and clubs a woman could literally walk in and start kissing some random bloke then go home with him. No woman could walk into any random bar and find some man who was willing to have sex with her. Almost any woman could find a bar of the former type and grab some non-disgusting man that was willing.

Just for fun: to add to the caveats in your OP, how do you define sex? Does oral count? Bill Clinton thought not, but others disagreed.

Definite no, and I like women who are considered “average” looking, but I guess I’m rather Victorian compared to the average guy hanging around a bar trying to get laid.

I actually had a woman do this once when I was in Romania. She asked me to sit down, then a few seconds later she asked if I wanted a BJ. I said no, then she told me to go. The first thing that came to mind was she was a prostitute, the next was she was going to try and steal my money, which I’m sure she figured I had since I was in a foreign country.

Taken literally, that situation is going to set off some fairly massive alarms in my head, so no, a woman walking straight up to me with the first thing out of her mouth being a proposition for sex, no, wouldn’t do it. Might want to, but thats dangerous water.


She certainly has my attention. And I would be most willing to chat for a while, and if I found her agreeable, I would most certainly take her up on her previous offer.

No, and not a “no or maybe.”
I don’t get hot naked & sweaty with a woman until we know each other. Why would I want to please (okay, try to please) a woman I don’t know and thus wouldn’t care about/have feelings for? And as others have brought up, what’s in it for her with me?

And since you’re way above average Green Bean, you’re not flirting with me, are you? :confused:
Thought not :smack:
But it you are, name the time and the bar :smiley:

I’m married, but when I was single I’ve been asked to go home for sex with an average woman and I said no.