The original Mr Hankey

Hiiiiiiiiidey ho!
Garsh y’all smell just like flahrs…

I’d always believed that Mr Hankey was a kinda toilet boogeyman that Trey Parker’s father invented when Trey was 3… who would come and get him if he didn’t flush.

But in the last month, two different people (who couldn’t possibly know each other) told me that Mr Hankey was actually created when Tom Hanks refused to do a voice role on South Park.

Is there any corroborating evidence for either of those stories? Or are they definitely both wrong?

Is it hidey ho or howdy ho in the script?

Can’t tell you where he came from, but the Tom Hanks thing might be from the “Film Festival” episode.

My wife got me the “Mr. Hankey talking plush” complete with Santa hat. She’s a good sport.

I’m banking on “Howdy Ho”.

Make sure you brush behind your teeth!

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John (“Ren and Stimpy”) Kricfalusi claimed they stole Mr. Hanky from him. He did have a similar character (Nutty the Friendly Dump) on his web page some months before South Park.

since Japan has more talking poop characters than America, they can claim the rights to the idea as far as i’m concerned.

I’ve never seen a Japanese talking poop character that looked or moved like “Nutty the Friendly Dump.” And I don’t remember anything about my toilet training, but I’m willing to admit that Trey Parker is a lot smarter than I am and might remember something from when he was three.

When I first saw Mr. Hanky, I thought he was supposed to be Nutty. (It’s not like South Park doesn’t have “guest stars.”) It was only later that I heard gossip. Not going to repeat the gossip because animators, especially the ones good enough to get jobs, are nuttier than Nutty the Friendly Dump.

However, I do think it’s interesting that Parker and Stone, who aren’t exactly shy, don’t seem to have made any claims about Mr. Hanky. All the news stories I saw quoted Comedy Central reps. I’m not saying this means any of the gossip is true, just that, you know, I noticed.

According to the subtitles on the first season DVD, it’s “Howdy-ho!”