The Orly Taitz of the SDMB: Johnny L.A.

Ted Cruz is not an American citizen because his mother renounced her American citizenship.

Johnny L.A. is using as a cite a website that also claims that Rubio and Jindal are not eligible to become president, even though they were born in the U.S., because they do not owe allegiance to the U.S.

I think, really, that this is all the proof I need that Johnny L.A. is a moron.


  1. There is no proof that Cruz’ mother renounced her American citizenship. Frankly, there’s no proof that she even became a Canadian citizen. Nor is there any proof that his father (a Cuban citizen) did so.

  2. Well, I guess there is no number 2. Please see number 1.

Johnny L.A., you’re a fucking moron. Use your head for something beyond a hatrack.

I generally like Johnny L.A. as a poster. But that is a dumb thread, even if it is a meta-joke on the Birther meme.

In my rush, I forgot thelink.

My computer is screwing up. I can’t see any of your links to the statements.

I did not say that.

So what? If you bothered to read the OP, you would have seen where I said, ‘Neither article says whether Cruz’s mother ever renounced her U.S. citizenship after becoming a Canadian citizen.

I’ve read many of your posts in the past, and really, they are all the proof I need that you’re a moron.

Neither has any proof been submitted that they didn’t. Which you would have known, had you bothered to read the OP where I said, '‘Neither article says whether Cruz’s mother ever renounced her U.S. citizenship after becoming a Canadian citizen.

A non-moron would understand that I’m asking a simple question: Did Cruz’s mother renounce her U.S. citizenship, or didn’t she? A non-moron would have seen where I said I’d accept a reliable citation that she didn’t. Since you don’t understand that, you’re a moron.

People often don’t know whether I’m joking or being satirical.


I have the same problem. Except it’s not really a problem.

Oh, for Pete’s sake, you fucking moron. That is what you are arguing. You are arguing that your useless cite is valuable. Why in the world are you doing so?

You are saying that this website has such valuable information that you require proof (PROOF!) that Cruz’ mother did not renounce her U.S. citizenship. That, in and of itself, shows that your reliance on such an idiotic website, proves, in and of itself, that you are a fucking moron.

Says the troll.

Parody threads belong in the Pit.

Can a native-born citizen even do that?



It doesn’t matter where the question originated. It just happened to be that website. I seek proof (PROOF!) for many claims made on many wensites. Your insistence that the website has any relevance to the question is tantamount to saying, ‘It doesn’t matter if Cruz is a natural-born citizen or not.’ I’m not asking for a ‘long-form birth certificate’. I’m not even claiming that Cruz’s mother renounced her citizenship. I’m only asking if she did.

Also, I’ve noticed that you rely greatly on dropping the ‘f-bomb’. What a moron. :rolleyes:

Did you get a badge with your Junior Mod certificate (suitable for framing)?

The word moron had been used 13 times. Please be more creative in your insults.

Stalker much.

In fact, it does. You are inspired by a website that has no credence. Do you also believe, as that website claims, that Rubio and Jindal are ineligible to be President? Or are you just cherry-picking?

In deference to Morgenstern, I’ll call you an idiot the next 13 times.

Is it a parody thread? I’ll be happy to go back to Elections and report your thread as a parody thread that should be moved to the Pit.

No, it doesn’t. I also have Bible questions, and the inspiration for them has no credence. You say ‘Do you also believe…’ So you are telling me that I believe Cruz is not a natural-born citizen. I never said I believe that. You assume I do because I asked a question you don’t like.

You may believe it is a parody thread if you wish. Or you may take it at face value, asking a simple question that has a factual answer.