The Orly Taitz of the SDMB: Johnny L.A.

There is no fucking evidence, no evidence at all, for you to ask such a question. You’re just JAQing off.

You fucking [del]moron[/del] idiot.

Whatever, dude. :rolleyes:

Cheezus dude, have you seen FXM? Damn, that’s some ass you just gotta stalk. Mrowr.

Whatever? Kiss my ass, you fucking idiot.

You have absolutely no reason to support such a question. If you really, intellectually, thought that Cruz is not a U.S. citizen, you would follow exactly the pattern that you have. You’re a fucking idiot.

Whatever? Get fucking real.

What, you have to know the answer to a question, or think you know the answer to a question before you ask it? You’re a very simple person, aren’t you?

Thank you for the invitation to perform oral sex with your buttocks, but I am not open to sexual advances from you.

Actually, I judge the source of a question before I wholeheartedly jump on it. I look at the reliability and the realism of my information before I act on it.

You don’t. But that’s 'cause you’re a fucking idiot.

Do you kiss your momma with that mouth?

It’s difficult to credit that this conversation is taking place.

Cruz and Jindal are ineligible to be President, yes, but not because their citizenship is in doubt. It’s because they’re Republicans, duh. :dubious:

Frankly, anybody who has ever even been to Canada should be disqualified from the Presidency. Shit’s contagious.

In fact, I do. My mom also kisses me with her mouth. I do not wonder what she’s done with it between kisses, because, you know, she’s my mom.

I am bewildered as to why you feel that my cursing you is a problem for me, when, in my opinion, you are fully deserving of curses. But then, you’re a fucking idiot.

Cursing is an indicator of an inability to articulate, or else laziness. Some people think cursing is ‘cool’. You can look like an uncultured clod if you like.

Heh. I’ve heard this tune before. Now, even more than before, I think you’re a fucking idiot.

Curse words are, in fact, as much a part of the language as any other word. If you weren’t a fucking idiot, you’d know that.

It’s too bad, of course, that I am inarticulate in the English language, and I’m lazy in writing the English language, and that I think cursing in the English language is cool. Regardless, an uncultured clod I may be, but still, it’s better than being a fucking idiot. Like you.

P.S. I’m up to like seven “idiot”'s by now, and “moron” is used up. Suggestions gladly accepted.

Get a room, you two!

I think you’ve more than proved that you’re the idiot here.

With every one of your posts, I can’t help but think I’m glad I’m me.

It is getting a little boring, isn’t it?

“Room” Hmm.

You fucking room. You’re a fucking room. Hmm.

No, sorry. It just doesn’t work for me. Nice thought, though.

This is kind of a jerkish thing to say. If it’s a parody thread, it’s past its sell-by date. All the good parody threads were about McCain’s Panamanian citizenship and Romney’s Mexican heritage.

If it’s a serious question, you could show good faith by doing some basic background research into dual citizenship and the other relevant issues.

OK, so you’re glad that you’re such an unobservant and unrealistic viewer of “news” that you really think your website source is usefull? Boy, am I glad I’m not you. If I were such a fucking idiot as you, I can’t imagine what other people would think of me. They’d probably think I was a fucking idiot.

Well, Frank is a jerk.

At this point I don’t even care anymore.

You forgot to put a KURAWWWK! at the end of it.