The Orville Season 2

Well, the first episode certainly got things off to a snoring start.

I spaced out:p and forgot to watch…and it’s not showing up on “On Demand” yet:confused:

I’ll see it somehow tomorrow. So, I’ll be back.:smiley:

I thought they were supposed to have a bigger budget this year. Bottle episodes like this are usually reserved for the middle of the season when you’ve spent too much money on action and special effects.

I appreciate that they’re devoting some time to addressing Ed and Kelly’s relationship in a realistic way, but that was definitely a snoozer. Not even any really good jokes.

I usually hate bottle episodes, and I didn’t love this one. It was nice to get this stuff out of the way. Just like Family Guy, the humor on The Orville can get very meta – in other words, “You were expecting something complicated or a twist? Welp, jokes on you viewer, everything was straightforward this time.”

Good character development 'tho. Interesting to see Dann has become more and more the “normal” one, and they’ve improved the budget for cleaning up the edges of his giant CGI sponge head. Funny how Alara quickly called him out on his writing – remember, super-strong waifu is actually from a planet of intellectuals, she may not have fit in there, but she’s still way ahead of Gordon.

It was mostly obvious that Ed and the new Dark Matter Specialist will get together, which will upset Gordon.
Kelly is right that it is a bad idea to have the captain / XO be involved.
Really the captain shouldn’t be involved with any crew member, but I understand in a TV show they play fast and loose with fraternization rules.
Actually Gordon and the DMS makes more sense as they are in different departments.


The bartender was played by Jason Alexander. I thought I recognised the voice, but would never have picked it.

I was wondering who the bartender was imitating, now I’ve found out who it is, I wanna see it again and see what he was doing – I guess basically pitching his voice to sound like himself, but not himself. And the giant alien head, with a pencil mustache, was a cute thing to apply to the character of a bartender. So is Jason Alexander going to be this universe’s Whoopi Goldberg? That’s a nice deal, if you can swing it.

I often wonder if they’ll ever show Alara taking her eyebrows off – making her look like her original appearance saying:

Oof. I know these make me more relatable to Earth humans, but they’re annoying.

And yes, I know, they changed her makeup after the pilot to be easier on the actress. But they can lampshade it for once, as a joke, then keep using it.

I dunno, Gordon seems to really suddenly relate intellectually to Dann. Maybe they become an item? It’d be funny as all hell if we all made assumptions about Dann’s gender, that turn out to be totally wrong. Or about Gondon’s preferred orientation.

Dang. But gender/sexuality adjectives are hard enough to use in contemporary times, how are we supposed to talk about the myriad sci-fi possibilities?

Also nice to lampshade the typical sitcom trope – Topa, the baby Moclan, is now played by a kid. And yeah, the suddenly rebellious teenage son of Dr. Finn is a little too predictable. I hope he can communicate with ISSAC better – its a cute trope inversion: both adolescent and artificial life-form are “outside” normal human emotional communication, they may end up actually relating better.

Well, that explains it.

The episode was dull. There was no story impetus and nothing was at stake. The relationships were clicked, too.

But the explanation is clear: Jason Alexander was in it. The man has a unique talent for making anything he appears in awful.,105090305&dclid=CNmr2Meoyt8CFUjewAod6YsAbQ

S1 was uneven but all in all, I enjoyed it. I’ll definitely check out S2.

I was kind of hoping ISAAC would be able to play back the video of James calling Clare a PITA, but that’s not how it played out.

I noticed a lack of background music in many of the scenes. It did seem to drag a bit, but I am glad to see the show is back. Alara definitely deserves much better than Dann.

Technically it wasn’t a bottle show, though. We got to watch Bortus piss off a cliff on Moclan.

(Okay, I get that it’s a play on pon farr, but are they going to have to run over to that planet every year for Bortus AND his mate AND the kid?? Maybe they can synchronize their schedules at least.)

Yeah, that would be three of them trying to piss off, probably at different dates.

I always assumed that Moclan infants, like human infants, excrete way more frequently. Like Bortas and Klyden would complain, “that’s the third time we’ve had to change a nappy this week! When will he grow out of this so this slavery can end.”

Clair Finn: “Yeah, parenthoods tough alright.” Doesn’t roll-eyes because that’s not needed, we all got the joke anyway.

Seems like Klyden is really a second class citizen on The Orville. He seems to have no friends of his own, and nothing to do beyond homemaker and watcher of old-school musical theater. They’re going to have to address that this season. Only Bortas’s closest frinneds got to watch him pee. Klyden may have done it last week for all we know.

I was interested to see versions of food replicators, holodecks and cloaking devices portrayed in this episode. I mean, the show is obviously a take or parody of Star Trek, but I wonder just how close they can get.

And the classroom seemed to include about a dozen students of about the same age. And the one kid’s mother wanted her son moved to a different class. So that implies there’s enough children of that age to support multiple classes. Seems unlikely there would be that many kids on board.

I liked the first episode of season 2 – nice, low stakes character-focused episode. It’s harder to take the show seriously when they do totally serious storylines, IMO, and I think this type of low-key episode better fits the tone of the show.

They used a replicator last season. Kelly replicated a pot brownie in Command Performance, when she thought she and Ed were going to meet his parents.

[Edit - oh, and the whole episode built around a holodeck scenario.]

I’m with you on this. Nothing amazing amazing, but there were a few decent jokes and it’s been fun to follow the characters’ various personal issues.

Incidentally, according to one review I’ve read the season was originally supposed to open with an unaired 13th episode from season 1, with this ep slated to come second. That order has been swapped around, for whatever reason.

Yup yup. Enjoyed it , I like the “look at the people” with out the end of the world looming.