The Outpost (CW TV series)

Premiers tonight (July 10, 2018) at 8PM Central

I don’t have high expectations, but I will probably give it a shot.


Meh, you got your [del]Elves[/del] Blackbloods, you got your [del]Orcs[/del] Greyskins.
It was OK and I’ll watch another episode or 2, but nothing I would recommend highly.


Wooden bordering on painful–I finally fell asleep just to put myself out of my misery trying to watch it. Hit about every fantasy cliche that exists with the added fillip of the “badass woman fighter” trope that’s getting way overdone, especially since the stupid idiot PUNCHES PEOPLE IN THEIR FACEPLATED HELMS as though that’s going to go well for her. Doesn’t even wear gloves while doing it, either. The noble captain meet cute was especially eyerolling, with added “Oh, FFS, we get it!” points for the long lingering shots of both their eyes with the enhanced lighting letting everyone in on the Big Reveal that this is the new love interest. Yawn.