The PalmaSutra and other Palm PDA Freeware Finds

I was just looking for new Palm Freeware today, and found a couple of thing I though fellow dopers might like:

PalmaSutra which is a mini Kama Sutra - you can even add your own notes to the positions desribed.
Romance-in-a-Can which generates wonderfully romantic lines such as “Your inner thighs are like ripening yams, needing to be deep fat fried and test marketed on QVC.”

I’m thinking that both of these might be usefule at the next DopeFest. :smiley:

If you know of favorite freeware programs you think your fellow dopers might enjoy, please post a link to it here.

I work for and I’ve never seen these applications before! I am now showing them to my co-workers. I know there is on for Mixed drink guide and there is one for
Strip Poker but now I have to get one for the Karma Sutra.

I have the PalmaSutra on my Visor. :smiley:

And today, I downloaded something that’s called Benchmark 2.0 or something. It shows your PDA’s performance relative to the most sold machines in the market. I’m going to tease my girlfriend with it, since she refuses to believe that a Visor Deluxe is noticably quicker than a Palm Vx. Which it is: 121% for the Vx, 145% for the Visor.

Coldy, my Palm is much better than your Visor [sub]because I got it for free from my company :D[/sub]