The Paris Hilton commercial...

Did it actually get, uh, yanked? :smiley: Sorry.
Anyway, the last I saw of her was on MTV, when she was a scrawny kid. Then I’m sitting there watching this commercial, thinking it’s a car ad, and I recognize her. Still too skinny, but all grown up. I’m sure it was situational, but I thought she looked immensly sexy. It stirred something in these old loins, anyway. I’m not sure I remember what.
I’ve heard a lot of bitching about her, but I think that is one hot ad. For hamburgers. At least it doesn’t pretend. :slight_smile:
I, sadly, haven’t seen it lately. Think I can buy it on ebay?

I got a copy in shockwave format, but I don’t recall where. A quick google should get you a copy.

I gotta agree - she looked better in that ad than anything I have ever seen of hers.

I saw it last night on VH1. Hasn’t changed my opinion one bit; I still think she’s a skanky slut (or slutty skank, if you prefer). Now, her sister Nicky–classy good looks all around.

you can watch it here

I still see/hear it 20 times an evening here. In fact, It’s getting to a point I can almost predict when it’ll be on again.

And I still think it’s a car ad, because the overall message seems to be “Buy this car and Paris Hilton will have sex with it”. The burger just serves to remind me of the seinfield episode when George was seeing how many pleasurable things he could do at once(He got up to Eating, Having sex and watch TV at the same time before his girlfriend got pissed off and dumped him).

Ah, but did you see the Parody?


Wow. I’m now an asexual vegan.

I like it, a lot. The production values are very high. It took a lot to make the parody happen. Really clever marketing.

Pure skankage. And to me, not sexy in the least. Repulsive would be a better word choice. Rancid is another good one.

I saw an item in the news: Paris will now be sudsing her way into the Midwest in support of Hardee’s, Carl’s corporate cousin.

Ought to go over big in the Bible Belt…

The Paris Hilton Ad or the Parody ad?