The passing away of Walloon, longtime valuable poster

Since I inhabit General Questions mostly, I was rereading an old thread about Who is Bow-Tie Man, which was almost certainly solved by ** Walloon**. Realizing that I hadn’t talked to him in a while, I looked at his profile and noticed it had been two years! Got me looking in the newspapers. Unfortunately discovered that he passed away two years ago. Pulmonary embolism at 50. Tragic.

I had numerous email exchanges with him over the years about that thread and about the “Lost Wallet” thread in which he played a role.

He was a long time poster(2000-2010), with 12,780 posts. Not a shrinking violet. And most of his posts were factual and in General Questions. He was an expert in genealogy and very bright. Also found out by searching Google he was quite the expert on searching out movie people. Obviously well-liked around the www.

I don’t think he or his family would mind if I shared his name and obituary.

Steven Dhuey

I’ll miss you, old buddy.

How sad, and so young.

How terrible! :frowning:

Damn. :frowning:

Oh no! He’ll be very missed.

Such sad news! :frowning: Walloon was so very helpful (as was samclem) in an old thread of mine about researching my grandfather. You are indeed missed, Walloon.

Sad to hear of his passing. RIP as they say.

Oh no! :frowning:

It’s a shame we weren’t aware of it sooner, but come to think of it I doubt you guys would ever hear of my own death, and I imagine my situation of nobody in my real life knowing I’m a regular contributor here would be quite a common one.

I am sorry to hear this. RIP. :frowning:

A name I am familiar with, but never noticed he was no longer posting. A real shame.

That’s very sad. And I’m reading this just after finding out that a coworker (that I never knew) died.

Well, dang! While his contributions are many, I’ll remember him for ferreting out a lot of the biographical (mis)information on Nipsey Russell when he died. :frowning:

But there were, oh, so many others, too.:frowning:

Dammit. A valued member indeed.

Heck yeah I remember Walloon. Seemed like a good guy all the way around. I’m sorry to hear of his passing.

Thanks, samclem, for the interest and effort in finding out why he’d quit posting.

Sad news – I remember him also.

I don’t recall ever directly interacting with him, but his was a name I noted when I came across it.

Same here. What a shame, so young. Thanks for letting us know, samclem.

That’s awful. I remember Walloon also gave me some genealogy advice when I was trying to look into my girlfriend’s ancestry, and we were pretty successful at that - it made for a nice Christmas present. He was a very good poster and I’m sorry to hear he’s gone.

The wallet in the wall thread was one of the all-time classics. What a shame.

Wow, that’s sad. Incidentally, the SSA still won’t commit to bow-tie man being Joshua Twing-Brooks.