The passing of my youth

is marked by bifocals.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday. It was a trip I had been putting off since September. I finally decided to just go. I knew what he was going to tell me. I haven’t been able to read the fine print on labels for some time now.

“You need a little help close up” he said.

So, while I have been denying the aging thing for some time now, and really trying to not let it bother me, this hit me like a ton of bricks.

Gray hair I can ignore. You really have to look hard to notice amidst the blonde and I was not the first of my group of friends with gray.

I am the first to get bifocals. Yep, they say they’re not laughing at me, but I know they are.

When I told dad, he laughed. “My baby girl is wearing bifocals” I think that made him feel old.

So, there is no more denying it. My misspent youth has been completely misspent and I am now into misspending my middle age.

Anyone care to join me?

I’ve had glasses for years, so that never bothered me. It bothered me when my daughter got glasses.

I’ve worn glasses since childhood, but the switch to bifocals (actually variable focus lenses) made me feel old. I told my older sister, and she said she’d been wearing them for years. I never noticed.

Yeah, I felt the same way when I started wearing reading glasses, which was about – yikes! – five years ago. (I’m extremely nearsighted, and started wearing glasses in 2nd grade, but have been wearing contacts for the last quarter century or so.)

That and the first gray hair, uh, “down below.”

Welcome to codgerdom…

Just wait until you get the AARP newsletter. Then it really starts to sink in.

Misspending middle age is a lot more fun than misspending youth. You have more options, and you’ve had enough experience to do some true quality misspending.

Don’t waste it!


I’ve had trifocals for over a year now, and I’m a mere fifteen.

My mother’s convinced that it’s the fault of poor light when reading.



Wait until the damned night clerk at the hotel in BFE asks if you’re eligible for the AARP discount. Bastard! I’m not even close.

Or even worse, they don’t even ask, they take one look at ya and automatically just give you the geezer discount!

I woulda been insulted 'cept for the fact that I’m cheap and was happy not paying full price. :smiley:

How about when a woman who is nervous about her daughter getting married asks you if you have any kids who have gone through the wedding thing.

And you’re 35. (OK, I guess it’s possible, but geez.) I had to run right home and dye my hair!

My eyes have always been corrected but it’s the demise of my teeth that’s really getting to me. A few small cavities…a split tooth…talk of crowns and root canals. :frowning: Off to pick up my nightguard next week.

I’m waiting for someone to offer me a seat on the bus.


Thanks for that advice OldBroad. Now that I’m over the shock of the news, I am going to take your advice and enjoy some quality misspending of my middle age.