The Penultimate BBQ Grill!

It just needs a rotisserie, plasma TV, satellite TV, bottle opener and a recliner!

I want one!

That is teh awesomzores. $30-40 US could be a stiff fee in some places, but might be worth it. I wonder how the repairs work on those things.

You do know “penultimate” means “next to last” don’t you?

That’s why he said it needed the other items. Then it would be the Last BBQ Grill.
eta: Once they ramp up production, governmental agencies need to purchase a few million of these and hand them out gratis wherever they are needed. That way the humanitarian aid gets to the people who need it instead of lining some bureaucrats pockets.

All it needs…is a plasma TV.

You never heard of planned obsolescence?

This BBQ Grill isn’t the Ultimate BBQ Grill. This is just a tribute to the Ultimate BBQ Grill.