The people in your world who look like Dopers, (from here)or famous people

This is the thread that I told Satan a week ago that I was going to start that had something to do with him.
Anyway I swear there is a guy here in Davenport, Iowa who looks just like our Satan. I think the closest you have been is Des Moines right?
Also walking around town there is a guy who looks like Ted Nugent. And sorry, but I think he is too hot!

At work there is a guy who looks like Jerry Garcia, one that looks like Joe Pechi, and one guy who looks like the bearded construction worker from Tool Time.

So how bout you guys? Run into any Doper dopelgangers? Or famous look a likes that just do, and don’t try?

My job is full of famous people. kd lang, E.T. and Pee Wee Herman all work in my department. The Penguin works in the computer room. Batman works with me too, but I only see him in the lunchroom…I’m not sure what department he works in. There are many others, like The Hair, Greasy Guy and Pinchy Face, but they’re not famous or Dopers, so I guess they don’t count in this thread. :smiley:

The Hair?
Where I work you mostly only get to see peoples faces since the rest of them is covered with career clothing, hair nets and bump caps. Sometimes more than that. Pretty sterile place.

I cannot believe that we are the only two people here that have seen these kind of people. Either as co-workers or customers.

I have not met any doper lookalikes yet,
but I was sitting in front of my comp with an open mouth when I saw a photo of a guy from messagebord - cause I know somebody who looks like his twin brother!!!

The infamous carbon copies around me:

  • The guy who played Sick Boy in Trainspotting was at a rave in Salzburg lately and
  • One of my best friends looks pretty much like Angelina Jolie with dreads.

The Hair is an old guy who colors his hair this found-nowhere-in-nature yellow color. The style is something like a ‘Moe’, a perfect bowl cut, sides and back shaved almost bald.
He dressed weird too… he wears these old 70s polyester shirts in funky patterns and colors, with non-matching sweater vests. He also wears these bizarre brown loafers with colorful argyle socks.
His real name is Ron, but calling him The Hair is so much more fun. :smiley:


There is a chick here in my town who is the spitting image of Kricket…even visited my house…pretty hot looking :smiley:

Wow Dave, really? I will have to come and visit you so you can point her out to me. :wink:

Is it that antique yellow color. Like the color of an old paper, or is it extremely bright?

I have an uncle that looks and acts like Herb Tarlic from WKRP, and no matter what I do to hide this man can always spot me in a crowd of thousands. Yeah, I’ll tell you it’s great.

BTW thank you Dave, I needed that little ego booster today. ::kiss::

There is a girl in my drawing class that looks so much like my favourite welf , that it frightens me.

When I was younger, with longer hair, people used to say I looked like Tim Robbins. Then I lost weight and I got Leo DiCaprio. I, personally, didn’t see either one. :confused:


I went to the 7-11 tonight and I saw someone there who looked so much like Nymysys, that it shocked me…even I knew she was thousands of miles away.


There is this guy @ the church that my grandparents go to that looks just like Jesus, the thing is he hates going to church and he is always pissed off. AntiChrist?? Maybe…

But she’s getting closer…as we speak…:frowning:

And her getting closer makes you sad?

OH…I get it, you wish she would hurry.:wink:

There’s a girl I see on campus sometimes who looks just like Quiet Girl did in that picture Andy showed us awhile ago.
Hey, andygirl-does quietgirl go to school in Pittsburgh?

Well closer to N America means further away from me…

Nah. She’s a senior in high school in Delaware.

Next year, though, she’ll hopefully be in New Hampshire with me, albeit at a different school.

Funny thing about that is how little even Nymysys looks like Nymysys. :smiley:

Andy, what can I say? You kicked me out, so I had to go. <insert crying face here>