The perfect master and money..

How much does Cecil Adams get paid?

More than you will ever know …

Wow… That’s alot…

i.e., at least a buck fifty.

You mean a day, a year, a lifetime?
Please be more specific in your question.

How much per yesr and or per column.

what about the royalties?

How much does it cost to renew a registered trade mark?

i thought it was the other way around. doesn’t the trademark pay you insted of you paying the trademark?

I don’t think that’s anybody’s business but his own and maybe his family’s, and closest associates ’ and…

Well, if we mods get a percentage, than none. :wink:

I think I’ll let ATMB work with this one.

I dunno. I can ask, but I think I’ll get the same blank stare that I would get if I asked how much anybody gets paid. Salary amount, at least in the U.S., is usually considered confidential.

How much does Cecil get paid?

Teeming millions, of course. :wink:

I can’t escape the name ‘SmileyDeath’!

Nothing against you (yet) smiley, but seeing the same word over and over again, enough, is likely to make a person go insane.

What do you mean about that?

I’ll never forget when I was driven within inches of madness by “the”.

You mean their is a poster named “the”?

No, I would have put it in bold.

I always thought he got paid in small countries. He would have 3 or 4 by now and in each of these countries he would rule as though a God. An Avatar on earth. The reason their are no pictures of him is because he doesn’t want any of his loyal followers to worship the picture instead of himself. It’s a whole 1st commandment type dealy thing.

Lobsang: First, cool it. Personal comments about other posters have no business in this forum.
Second, cool it. You came to this thread solely to remark that Smileydeath has posted here? That looks suspiciously like stalking to me.

You’re skating very very near the edge, and putting one toe over the line. Take this as a stern warning, and as the last warning.