The perils of email communication

So, if you’ve been stalking my personal life, you may know that I’m trying out internet dating. I recently had an email exchange with a woman that I obviously know little about, but we’re engaging in a little flirty banter, trying to arrange a face-to-face meeting. At one point she sent me an email, regretting that she didn’t call me to let me know she was free that evening, but that she felt funny about calling a guy first.

We had the following exchange:

Me: you know, it’s very exciting for a guy when the girl calls first. Or it can be kinda stalker-ish. Just some male psyche insight.

Her: thanks for sharing what excites you. How do I know if I’m being stalkerish, or just stroking your male “ego”?

Note the quotes.

Now either:

(a) She knew what I meant, and put quotes* around “ego” for no good reason.
(b) She miscontrued what I meant by “exciting”, ie, in a sexual context.
© She knew what I meant but was making a subtle and very dirty play on words. In which case…I gotta meet this woman.

*I also recently exchanged several emails with a woman who dropped quotes everywhere – around any slang, hyperbole, metaphor, or just at random.

I choose to assume (a), although that’s the least fun, and also to just let it slide.

Has anyone else put their foot in their mouth, online?


It’s probably not b), because I doubt anybody would really misconstrue it that way.

It may well be c). In fact, based on the first part of her reply, I’m thinking that it is. She’s flirting with ya.

But you should play it as if it were a). Stay cool. But yeah, meet the woman.

Good call. But I don’t like second-guessing everything I’ve written, wondering if my casual, witty banter is coming across as creepy.

I think it’s c), but I also don’t think it’s all that subtle nor dirty, especially by today’s standards.

She’s totally flirting with you. She expects you to flirt back.

She’s going on vacation, and said she’ll come back with tan lines. So many openings there…

Totally understandable, but try to knock it off. If she’s the gal for you i.e. you have similar tastes and values and sense of humor, then she’ll totally fall for your casual, witty banter. If she’s not the gal for you, then THAT’S when your casual, witty banter will be perceived *by her *as creepy.

Oh boy. Too many to choose from!