The (Pet)ty Peeve Thread

Today I feel moved to revive a thread I had going a while back. This is the place to share your petty pet peeves. No peeve is too petty if it is a pet of yours. All peeves welcome.

This is mine at the moment.

I have a (sort of) friend in a group I belong to. She said she was going to invie me to dinner in a couple of weeks, so today she called me and left a voicemail, AND emailed me a few minutes later, AND texted me a few minutes after that. (Her texts usually include a string of super-cute emoticons.) I replied by text in the affirmative.

Then the mail came and in there was a handmade card ALSO inviting me to the same dinner. :smack:

It’s like I’m in a prison camp and she feels she has to use every means of communication to make sure the message gets through.

Mine is a boss who calls me (from across the room, usually) to tell me to call the vendor for a status on an order. Because in the time he spent calling me and telling me what he wanted, he could have called the vendor directly and gotten his answer. :smack:

My post-retirement job is mechanical drafting - I convert computer models to drawings that are used to build helicopter trainers. Drawings always go to a checker to ensure nothing was missed and everything is clear - the usual method of conveying what needs to be fixed is via red ink on the drawing.

One of the guys here who checks my drawings makes fairly detailed notes on them, which is great, then comes to my desk and tells me what’s in his notes. He’s a really nice guy and I don’t want to say anything to him, but this little quirk of his makes me crazy!!!

Oh, I have a similar coworker. He’s customer service and I’m sort of like tier 2 support (not precisely, but effectively). He’ll forward an emailed customer question to me with the comment that he wants me to help him with the answer. He’ll immediately print the same email and bring it over to my desk for discussion. :rolleyes:

yes, the “person who sends you an e-mail then immediately walks over to tell you they sent you an e-mail” is one of mine as well.

the other: the cafeteria at work has a salad bar. People who take multiple tiny amounts of certain things irritate me. example- last week I was in line behind a guy who apparently wanted bacon bits on his salad. Fine. the spoon was one of those large “serving spoon” things I’m sure you’re familiar with. Does he scoop up the amount of bacon bits he wants on his salad? No. He takes this big spoon, picks up about 1/8 teaspoon of bits and deposits them on the salad. then does that seven more times. I wanted to go all John Pinette and hiss “GET OUT OF THE LINE!!!

People who send you a Friend Request on Facebook, you accept it, then they never “Like”, comment, say hi or anything. What’s the point? Bonus if you see them IRL and they mention something you posted on FB. :confused:

I think this one is better suited to MPSIMS, though I’m probably just being petty.

Here we go again: People who don’t know the difference between “its” and “it’s”.

they’re just “collecting” friends.


Or those who use an apostrophe to make a word plural.

I’ll go you one better on apostrophes - there’s a street not to far from me (I’m pretty sure it’s a private road) with a sign reading Ann,s Way. Yes, a comma. No, it’s not just a low-hanging apostrophe - it’s a comma.

That’s the second time I encountered such silliness. The other time, a deli was advertising its “sandwich,es” - Yum.

OMG, commas as apostrophes. I mean comma,s.

That thudding sound you hear is me beating my head against my computer.

People that refuse to admit their own screw-ups. During the holidays we’re super busy on weekends, so from November to January, anyone that will transfer to weekends gets a $5/hour pay bump for that period. The transfer request has to be turned in by October 15th. A co-worker sent the form the week after Thanksgiving and is pitching a fit because it was denied for missing the deadline. Yes, she had ample warning and she’s offered no real reason why she was so late with the request. She’s gone to literally everyone in management demanding they make an exception for her and now rants to everyone how the company screwed her out of a couple grand. :rolleyes:

She’s now in the midst of a work slowdown, vowing to meet the minimum work standards until she’s cost them twice as much. In my experience, this mindset is typical of people who get fired for stealing in the near future, trying to get even. They lose a $30k a year job over some amount they messed up on. (The last person they fired stole about $20 in toothpaste!)

Here’s a new malapropism I’ve been encountering lately: “predicting” something that’s past tense, when “hypothesize” or “extrapolate” or “postulate” etc. would be more apt.

When you’re driving and coming up to a cross-street where someone is waiting to turn into traffic in the same direction that you are going and they begin to accelerate before you have passed. I know it’s a timing thing and good drivers know what they are doing. I do it myself, but if someone does it to me I flip.

I know people on FB whose feeds number into the hundreds. I know for a fact that some of them don’t actually KNOW that many people. The one thing in common? They’re all either in fandom or special interest groups where people tend to friend each other solely on the basis that they both are in the same group(s).

Per Peeve: Seeing coworkers making utter fools of themselves and petrified for their potential job loss because of it.

Stuff like this has always irked me. Why, I have no idea.

Oh, this reminds me of another one, seasonally appropriate: the holiday party at work. I’ve never seen any good come of this practice (especially when alcohol is involved), and I’ve long agreed with Miss Manners that the perfect work party starts at lunch, with the boss saying “take the rest of the day off.”

Mobile sites where the text is 20 characters wide but there’s 20 pages of that.

As I write, it is 7:07 AM. It is completely dark outside. The lawn care contractors are trying to wake up the dead, right outside my window. Leaf-blowing in the dark? Come on.