The (Pet)ty Peeve Thread

One of my bosses likes to send me an email along these lines: “Swing by so that we can discuss the opening of a new file”. So I “swing by” (God I hate that phrase) to his office which is on the other side of the building, and he tells me the name of the file and a conflict name or two to check. All of this could have been typed up in the original email because it contains about the same quantity of words.

Similar to some comments upthread, when he marks up a document for me to change, he must hold it out and stand over me and point to all of his changes with his pen and read them all out one by one. I once tried to tell him that this wasn’t necessary, that he was wasting his time and that I could read his changes just fine, but I got my head bitten off.

Count Microsoft among those people. The grammar checker will flag that in a sentence. If you tell it to go ahead and autocorrect, it will. And then immediately flag it as wrong again.

My coworkers ping my peeve meter so much there isn’t enough bandwidth. Currently I’m feeling particularly homicidal toward Mr. Take a Drink of Water and Let Out a Satisfied Sigh Like You’re Doing and Iced Tea Commercial". All day. Every. Single. Time. Glug glug glug . . .ahhhhh.

Oh, god, the leaf blower. On Thanksgiving morning, my picture perfect 1930s neighborhood was serenely quiet. It looked and sounded like what the Main Street of heaven-- bird song was all you could hear.

My across-the-street neighbor was out of town and her yard man shows up at 9:00 am and cranks up the leaf blower. And when people use a leaf blower, they don’t run it for ten minutes; they seem to run it for an hour, or is it closer to 12 hours…

If you are in a moving crowd - be it an amusement park or Times Square after the shows let out or whatever - for the love of all that is good, WALK STRAIGHT! If you walk in a reasonably straight line then a people behind you who want to move at a faster pace can maneuver around you fairly easily. If you meander randomly you force everyone behind to go no faster than you, like a police car slowing traffic on an expressway.

At the Lebeef compound, we have carpet in the den for the first time in over a year and a half, due to some record setting rain and flooding, and a lack of flood insurance.

It’s wonderful, we’ve only had if for a week, but being able to scamper on the floor with the four year old is fantastic. Yesterday I came home from work to an intestinally challenged golden retriever and several piles of doggy diarrhea on the brand new carpet.

I put the dogs outside, and cleaned up what I could, and ran out to the grocery story for some Resolve and a brush. I let the dogs back in before I left because it was cold and windy outside. In the ten minutes I was gone Cooper (the aforementioned retriever) had shat yet again on the brand new carpet.

I fear opening the door when I get home this afternoon.


Voicemail messages that just say “this is John Smith, call me back.” Give me a hint as to why you’re calling so I can be better prepared when I do contact you.

Random coworkers expecting special treatment. I’m a manager in IT and people contact me directly demanding to bypass proper channels or to be given an exception to policy. Sorry, can’t help you; have you tried the help desk (aka proper channel)?

When people, in-shape people, take the elevator instead of the stairs at the gym. I mean, it’s the gym, the place one goes for exercise. I have to wait that much longer just because you couldn’t be bothered to walk up a few stairs. Ugh…

My phone greeting says, “This is ThelmaLou. If I don’t know you or this is a business call, and you want a call back, please tell me your name and why you’re calling. And please repeat your phone number.”

Restaurants where the table top napkin dispenser is jammed so full that you can’t get a napkin out without tearing it.

Seriously. I work on the sixth floor. Do you, twenty-something girl with flat shoes need to stop our downward progress by getting on the elevator on the third floor to get to the first? I know you want those few moments to keep your vapid little head focused on your phone but you won’t be a fit young thing forever. Might be a good idea to start using the stairs now.

Yes! A thousand times YES!!! Same for paper towel dispensers in the few rest rooms that still have them. Nothing like pulling little shreds of paper with your wet hands…

Smart phone users: Yes, I know that your most recent text was the most important thing in the world and likely contains an earth-shaking photo of someone’s lunch, but get out of the fucking way when you decide you just MUST respond immediately.

At the grocery store yesterday, I rounded a corner and a young woman was planted dead center and sideways in the aisle with her cart, sexy hipshot pose in place, gazing raptly at her tiny screen with her tiny brain on hold. I rolled up to the point where another millimeter would mean running into her, and she was oblivious to my presence. I finally said in a voice loud enough to make her jump EXCUSE ME! :rolleyes:

I know this will sound very weird, and I’m probably the only person in the world who gets annoyed by this, but - I get annoyed on public transit when someone near me is tapping their feet. I can both hear it and feel it in my own feet, and it annoys me.

<raises hand>

No, I hate stuff like this. Foot tapping, knee shaking, and ICE CRUNCHING.

And would all these people stop putting their stupid parentheses around the wrong words! I don’t have ty peeves. Gosh!

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I’ll see your Noisy Tea Drinker and raise you Loud and Constant Throat Clearer.

Most all eating/drinking noises get to me. Especially if it’s through my headphones so I get a nice stereo exposure. I’ve unsubscribed so many Youtubers who thought it’d be okay to leave their gross belching in the final edit.

And it’s the almost unavoidable lip-smacking and panting at the beginning of “Sugar” that elevated Maroon 5 from forgettable nuisance to bane of my existence. Adam Levine can go drive of a fucking cliff.

And why is ASMR a thing?!?!?!

Right along with that are the places that fill the salt and pepper shakers to where the stuff is packed in so tightly under the lids that no amount of shaking can get one grain to come out. I’ve become quite used to unscrewing the lids to get to the contents.

Those bright blue headlights will be the death of me. I’m already dazzled by normal headlights during night driving, but the blue things sear holes in my retinas, I swear.