The (Pet)ty Peeve Thread

I’ll add my hate for the blue headlights also. My depth perception is bad enough at night, I don’t need to be blinded, too!

those things are illegal, but good luck getting that enforced. the 19-year-old dickheads who put these things in their cars are too stupid to realize they can’t actually “see better” at night just because their stupid headlamps make road signs dazzle.

I’m on several car forums, and have been in numerous fights with these stupid brats who have no interest in reason. they swear they can “see better” with them, and don’t give one solitary shit about anyone else.

People that stop to chat/text/answer calls directly in front of entryways. I know I sound like an old curmudgeon but I seriously don’t remember this being an issue until fairly recently (darned kids!).

People that turn right on red at the same moment that the light to go straight turns green. This forces everyone that was waiting to go straight to stop again even though they have a green light. Even more annoying when that person proceeds to go 15 mph under the speed limit.

People who don’t let you know they’re going to turn left until the light turns green. If you’re too close to them, you can’t pull around them, so everyone gets to sit there and wait. Even worse, they won’t pull into the intersection to wait for traffic to clear.

I dont believe that you are suppose to move into the intersection waiting for traffic to clear. I no longer do it and I can still clear the intersection before the light turns red.

Lots of accidents that way too. What if the traffic never clears and its time for the other traffic to come thru or

Someone comes barreling into the lane you’re in because the light turned red and they were already moving…
Yes I agree. Sit there on the right turn on red corner and sit there wait for the green light…NUTS!! Driving me!

I hate them with a passion, too, and it doesn’t help to know that as you get older your night vision gets worse even without being hit by laser-like blue death rays. However, jz, although there’s undoubtedly more than one kind of high intensity discharge headlight, many cars (like high-end German imports) are standardly equipped with xenon-type HIDs that are just as annoying as any other, and perfectly legal.

My other particular peeve in this area are LED taillights. Why do they make them so incredibly intense? In their normal mode just driving down the road at night, they always look like the brake lights are on. But when you’re stopped behind them at a traffic light and the brake lights actually are on, they’re painful to look at. And it’s not just the quality of light, it’s the actual intensity. I’ve turned around and looked at the inside of my car when stopped behind one of these jerks, and the lights bathe the whole interior in a bright red glow that makes it look like a particularly tasteless Saigon bordello.

the problem with arc lamps/HIDs is the greater percentage of blue light they generate. A well-designed system can mitigate it somewhat, but it’ll still diffract out. you can even see it for yourself if you wear eyeglasses; look at a fluorescent or other arc lamp closer through the edge of your glasses’ lens, you’ll see the blue portion actually separate from it.

Twice this week, cards with money have been passed around the office. The first was for the cleaning crew - OK, I can see that. They do a necessary and not particularly appealing job, and they are very congenial folks, so I’ll contribute.

The second one was for a kid who’s sick or something. I don’t know - no explanation as to whose kid it is or why someone decided to get him a card and (if desired) put some money in it. I certainly don’t wish sickness on any kid, but even if it’s some horrific disease, I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me, and my name on a greeting card isn’t all that exciting.

Or maybe I missed my opportunity - if I’d passed around a card when my husband was hospitalized, maybe we’d have raked in a few $$$! :wink:

It’s not just a problem in person; but driving too. Here in Georgia there are no hands free laws AFAIK. Invariably when I’m driving and I see a gap in traffic; Inm y experience over 90% of the time the gap is because someone is looking at their phone while driving. Your lane isn’t moving when the light turns red? It seems like it’s usually because someone is looking at their phone. Someone drifting lanes? Yep.

Very frustrating.

Could maybe a regulation be passed that cars’ brakes engage and the engine shut off if it detects an active phone?

Superfluou’s apostrophe’s.

ETA: I after actually reading, I see I am not the only one!

People that drive the wrong way in parking lot lanes.

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Oh, and my boss uses “exposably” in place of “supposedly”. And he uses it FAR TOO OFTEN.

People who ask for your attention to a photo or video on their computer or smartphone. You suspect it’s not quite as charming as they seem to believe, but you politely agree to attend.

And then they can’t find it. They rummage around furiously. You start to lose interest and drift away. “No, really - you gotta see this. It’s great. You’ll love it. Just let me bring it up here. I know I can find it - I showed it to Fred just this morning.” More futzing ensues.

People who assume that just because you can walk, you have no business parking in a handicap spot. I don’t have to stop and explain my mobility problems to anyone who objects to where I park.

And while we’re at it: cashiers who comment on the food I buy, especially the ones who ask “Is this any good?”

So passengers can’t use a phone? :confused:

Sadly, no regulations can ever protect us against Teh Stoopit!

How about “supposably”?:rolleyes:

Mine today: in the grocery store parking lot-- people who sit In their car, holding up traffic, and wait while someone loads 20 bags of groceries in their car, puts the kid in the car seat, returns the cart to the store, then takes their time backing out and vacating the coveted spot.

Related Side Note: I was at a holiday party today and speaking with someone for whom English is not her first language and had to explain what a pet peeve is. Harder to explain than one might think:rolleyes:

This one comes up in crime/murder/police shows.

There’s been a series of grisly murders, one after the other, each one worse than the one before. One more thing happens-- maybe a door broken down, character has a near-miss accident, something disgusting arrives in the mail-- and someone explains it away, “Oh, it’s probably just a prank.”

And to the police they say, “I didn’t mention it, because I didn’t see what it had to do with the 12 murders (even though I’m the prosecution’s chief witness).” :smack:

I’ve expressed this multiple times here but it cannot be said enough: Goddammit, the peanut butter and chocolate confection that we all know and love is pronounced REES-is; NOT REE-SEES! It does NOT rhyme with feces. I have no idea how this annoying fucking mispronunciation got started but if you’re still too stupid to get it, think of “Reeses Pieces”. See, it’s clever and catchy because “Reeses” rhymes with “pieces”.