Stupid pet peeves

No, not peeves about a dumb animal you might have.

I’m talking pet peeves that you know, rationally, should not annoy you nearly as much as they do, but still they do. Something so stupid that you gotta fight bringing it up in mixed company, 'cause you just know you’re going to get laughed at.

Mine is multiple question marks to end a sentence. You use multiple exclamation marks to show a sentence is meant to have even more emphasis than normal, like so!!! But what exactly does multiple question marks do, make it MORE of a question? It either IS a question, or it isn’t. Yes, you say, but you want it to have more emphasis than your normal question. Then add an exclamation mark. That’s their job, isn’t it!?

There. I’ve said it.

So anyone else have one of these pet peeves you’re almost embarassed about? Here’s the place to get it off your chest. It feels good.

I get really annoyed with people who pound on the keyboard. I’ll go into the computer labs at my school to kill some time and I’ll always hear at least one person who is pounding away at the keys and banging on the space bar… Typing doesn’t take that much force, I just don’t get it.

Anglophiles get under my skin. You know the ones – they adopt british spellings and slang, listen exclusively to brit-pop and worship all thing british, ad nauseum.

Give it a rest – you’re not British!

I hate it when I stupid pet files the CDs back in the wrong order. “No, no, Fido, ‘Big Night Music’ came AFTER ‘Oil and Gold’! Bad dog! No biscuit!”

My pet peeve is when you ask someone a question and they pause for what seems like an eternity to answer. For instance when you are driving in the car with someone and ask where you are supposed to turn. They wait, wait, wait… then say “back there”.


I hate when someone calls my office and then proceeds to eat their breakfast, lunch, etc… in my ear.

And I hate, hate, hate the word basically. I cringe everytime someone says it. Stupid huh?


search “british”, replace “japanese”
search “anglophiles”, replace “self-proclaimed ‘otaku’”

People who hole-punch pages sloppilly. In my job when I’m working through a case I find it easier to take the pages out off the file to read them. If the holes are not aligned it takes ages to put them back in afterwards.
The people who prepare the files don’t seem to care. THEY JUST DON’T CARE DAMMIT!

I hate asshat film students that think bizzare and graphic nudity = intellectual art film!

I hate when people write in all capital letters, except in place of L they write—I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a lower-case L or an upper-case I, but either way it makes no sense. WHY THE HEII DO PEOPLE DO THIS?:confused:

Loud chewers and slurpers. Good gods, does that ever drive me up a wall. And yes, the Carl’s Jr. ads do make me nauseous because of the eating noises.


No, I hate that word also. One of my coworkers managed to use it THREE TIMES in a single sentence during a presentation. If I didn’t know he’s the best engineer in the office, I’d think he was an idiot.

I also hate hopefully. It’s overused. Try saying I hope… just for a little variety… <sigh>

People who drag their feet. Really, how much effort does it take to lift one leg and put it gracefully before the other? I can understand if you’re tired, but there are people who do it all the time. It grates me more than people who don’t wash their hands after using the toilet.

I can’t stand people who chew gum like a cow chews. Do you really think its attractive? Between what it looks like and how it sounds, it grosses me out.

People who won’t put Trivial Pursuit cards back in the box so that they all face the same way.

I hate when people run their windsheils wipers too fast for the weather.

I hate when I page someone and then tell them who the caller is and instead of them saying “Ok” or “I don’t wanna talk to them” I hear " " dead air. Say something so I know what do do damnit!!!

I hate it when my roommate parks in the good close spot all weekend when she’s not even home!

I hate it when I just got all my eye makeup on and then I sneeze a bunch of times and my eyes water and all that makeup just smears right off.

I hate it when I write a really good post and for some reason the internet eats it.

Oh golly, I have more. I’ll be posting more tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I also hate it when the one time I don’t spell check my post, it ends up with a typo.

I don’t mind when people write using all capital letters. But when they dot their capital “i” it really scrapes on my nerves.

Hmm, I guess I should watch my use of the word “basically.”

The one I hate is improper use of the word “literally.”

My pet peeve?

It’s when a word gets misspelled SO much that the wrong word ends up having the right word’s meaning. An example of this is I’ve noticed even in some newspapers, magazines, and especially on message boards posts that invariably end up with the following statement (or something like it):

  • I’m going to loose my temper in a minute! *

Of course, the right spelling is lose. Look around - the misspellings are there.

I can understand a misspelled word in a place or two - heck, I mistype things all the time. And now that I’ve said that I’m going to proofread this VERY carefully to make sure there are no spelling errors. But of course, there probably will be…