The Peter Files: A word of advice.

This is not really a pitting. Just a word of advice.

Today I saw two threads (two in Café Society and one in MPSIMS) that were closed because they appeared to be attempts to get people to visit your site.

Okay, many of us have asked people to visit our websites. I’ve mentioned two that I made from time to time. But the difference is that most people are looking for an opinion, or happen to have information on their sites that may be helpful to a discussion, or whatever. Your threads seemed to be an attempt solely to generate traffic.

After the first one was closed, I saw a warning from a moderator. Seeing the Café threads closed, I suspect you’re on pretty thin ice.

You may want to reconsider your website promotion if you don’t want to forfeit your $14.95.

That’s all.

Yeah, his Self-Promotion post rate is running at about 10%. :rolleyes:

Three threads. (Though the two in CS were duplicates.)

And now there’s a cross-post in MPSIMS.

Not good, man.

I did not know that the one who commented was a moderator, did not identify himself as such.

I asked the moderator to close the duplicate post and assumed that the second one was closed before he read the request to close the other one, or that they were closed by two different moderators, so I moved the thread over here to avoid confusion.

Did not realize I was on thin ice. I haven’t gotten into trouble enough to know who the moderators are unless they say that they are a moderator in their post. Maybe they did and I missed it.

Mainly I wanted to get the information out and wanted to avoid re-linking everything, for some reason, the linking feature here is not the same as my blog and it confuses me, I know I must sound like a dunce but I had to try 3 times to get the one link straight without erasing everything and had several working links on my page to copy.

Naturally, I want some flow to my blog, but I will watch out for too much self plugging in the future.

Is it going to far to have a link in my signature?

See example.

Inquiring minds want to know.

How about the title “Moderator” under their name? Seems pretty clear to me.

It says ‘Moderator’ under the username. Another clue is that the threads were locked.

I’m not a moderator, so I couldn’t tell you.

If you mean me, I’m not a mod. See the “Charter Member” under my name? If you mean SkipMagic, he’s a mod; he’s got that title under his name.

Sig links are fine, as far as I know, though I think it’s generally courteous to not use your sig more than once a thread. Your problem is that you are using some posts solely to create traffic for your blog. Everyone and their mom has a blog/journal/website/whatever, and this board would look pretty ugly if everyone else did that.

My comment in your Harry Potter website was that you should have just posted the freaking info in the post, rather than forcing people to visit your site to learn that - surprise! - libraries get new books too.

I now have looked back further and have found the messages you referred to. Since I don’t usually subscribe to my posts, I had not seen the warning in the first one, nor saw the post closing notice in the last one, nor the one in the 2nd group.

I now understand what he’s talking about. Should have known better.

I guess I will have to look at the rules a little more closely.

For such a cool column the rules sure are pretty tight for the board.


Actually, we don’t want any self-plugging in your posts; nor do we want threads devoted to drawing in visitors to your site. The Registration Agreement clearly spells out:

As to tell whether we’re Mods or not: our titles will either say “Moderator” or “Administrator.”

Once per thread is enough; if people really want to visit your site, they can click on your profile and get to your blog from there.

It would have been clear, but I didn’t see those posts until a few moments ago.

I do not ususally subscribe to my threads so I have to check them manually.

So I missed all of the moderator warnings that Johnny and others referred to.

I thought they were referring to another comment I got on the duplicate.

I am wondering if this whole thing could be somehow related to the anaesthesia from the surgery I had late Thursday. They say that I’m not supposed to make any important financial decisions for a few days, didn’t think that should apply to posts.

Maybe it should.

Anyway, sorry for all the fuss. And thanks, really, for all the well meaning advice.

By the way epiduaral spinal shots to the lumbar region are a pain in the a** especially as the anaesthesea begins to wear off.


I am not worthy. :smack:

Here’s another one: Your signature is really, *really * annoying.

Oh, I dunno. I think it’s kinda cute. Of course, the expressions don’t really match the colour-codes. How about:

:smiley: :slight_smile: :dubious: :mad: :eek:

Ditto. I personally think there should be a rule against the use of smileys and colored and/or oversized text in sigs, because it’s always really annoying and distracting to the eye.

Yes, I Thought you were the one Johnny was talking about. I did not see any of Skip Magic’s posts until after reading further comments.

Yeah it was stupid.

Once again I apologize.

The novel thing is that with CPL you can see how many copies 10, 20, 40 are in each branch and that they have a way of checking how many are out in each branch. Further there was some I thought long-winded advice about how to check with the branch to see if the totals were correct, none of which would be of any interest to someone outside of Chicago, so I chose to minimize the length of the post figuring that anyone no from Chicago would skip the thread as meaningless to them.

Instead I’ve been getting all this nonsense about self-promotion.

Well which would you rather have? Long tedious messages that you have to wade to to determine their relevancy to you, or a short one that makes it clear that it is only relevant to people from Chicago leading to an offsite explanation for the much smaller share that are interested.

From what I have seen SDMB people are from all over the planet. Why should I make them all read a long thread about something that only Chicago people would be interested in? That was a big part of my reasoning any way. The fact that it had to do with Harry Potter might have led to more general interest, but again, who is really going to read past “in Chicago” except someone who wants to grouse about my posting style.

But, I respect the rules. Even though I would not mind a link to everyone’s website in their posts. Some of you are pretty darn interesting. I would like it to be less cumbersome to find out more about you, visit your blog whatever.

So that’s it from me.


Thanks for the clarification - and once again - sorry.

Since you put “in Chicago” in the thread title, I would assume non-Chicagoans would skip it entirely as a result. Thus the length of your post wouldn’t matter one whit.

I like the rules on this Board. Keeps the moronic riff-raff out by discouraging them.

Maybe you should subscribe to your own threads. Then you’ll know what’s going on.

Yeah, I imagine it would. I hope you’re feeling better. Maybe you should go “sleep it off” before posting anymore.

Well you can’t please everyone. That sig was developed in a thread about terror alert status indicators in which it was mentioned that there were a number of different ones around.

I will not mention for obvious reasons where two interesting ones might be found.

But in the context of that thread it got a lot of laughs.

I wish I could make the smiley’s smaller, they seem too big to me.

Note that I will not sign this one in deference to your tastes.

Thank you! I really like that! I may switch to it. No time today. I have, er a book to read and I have spent far too long online as it is.


Peter, did you miss where the moderator told you that having your sig once per thread was enough?

I hope you feel better soon, but sleeping it off for a bit seems like wise advice.