The phone store has a broken phone system. Fuckwits at 11.

So last week, I ordered an iPhone from the local AT&T store. I ordered the white model, because 1) it’ll get here faster, and 2) I think it looks better, anyway.

I’m going out of town for a while next week, so it’d be really nice to have my new phone in time for the trip.

In checking on the order status online, it appears that they ordered the black model… which, according to the store, can take something like twenty fucking days to be shipped.

So… I called up the store to make sure they ordered the white model. However, I can’t get through their phone system. It always goes to their voice mail system, and none of the mailboxes are valid. There’s no fucking way to call them- no option goes through. After reading a few online customer reviews, I’m not the only one who’s having this problem- NOBODY can call them.

Now, what the fuck? I’m on my bicycle today- so to get this fixed, I’m going to have to ride my bike there over lunch today to try to set them right. Isn’t a phone store with a broken phone system pretty much the definition of “irony”?

If you were going to check the status of your order online, why didn’t you just order the damn phone online?

As near as I can tell, you can’t order an iPhone online.

You can’t, you have to go to an Apple store or an AT&T one. I drove all the way to Charlotte Saturday to go to the Apple store because AT&T stores have a huge wait.


You won’t catch me standing in line for the privelege of buying an overpriced cellphone… but YMMV, horses for courses, each to his own, etc…

I gotta say there’s something rather poignant about some poor schmuck who only has a bicycle to get around on spending hundreds of bucks on a phone from one of the world’s largest phone companies, and their phone system doesn’t work. This is practically a Seinfeld episode come to life.

Not that all that happy with Verizon and their rather deceptive sales tactics either, but all I need is a phone, and they can sell you one without having to wait weeks for it to be delivered.

I interpreted “I’m on my bicycle today” as meaning he was bicycling willingly, and owns a car as well.

Yeah, you’re probably right. Still a bit poignant though. Plus I rarely get to use ‘poignant’, hence the repetition.