The Pit in Print

I laughed aloud.

But also wept.

For it seems we are…a cliche.
This Says It All

Bah, she’s using an iBook. Off to the Pit with her.

The pit is just a weak impersonation of Usenet.

Nicest SMDB thread:Meanest SMDB thread::Meanest SMDB thread:Meanest Usenet thread

I prefer “more refined.” As in, “You must try this delightful Chardonnay with the caviar, you fuck-wicket.”

Don’t be petty just because Danae has more taste than you do. :wink:

(She’s wirelessly surfing the net from her bed – that proves she’s tech-savvy as well!)

Tech-savvy enough to wrangle a mouse and avoid a command-line, perhaps.



I’m almost tempted to make that my sig.

Refined, yet somehow not refined, both at the same time. It reminds me of what a kid once said to me: “I like swimming, but I hate it!” Can’t have it both ways, you know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, maybe you can… it’s a free country, after all. Besides, I personally think it’s kind of cool! :slight_smile:

Picks self off floor and goes for the Windex to clean the pizza sauce off the monitor…

Definitely a sig line…but for someone of more flamboyance than I. :slight_smile: