The Pit: The Devil made me do it.


It had been a rough day. The Dope was comforting and I got to thinking about what an important part of my life it has become. Silly, I know–I couldn’t pick any of you out in a crowd, but the synergistic wisdom that is to be found here defies description. So many of us possess a mere fragment of the intellect of the man who brought us together (no, not God, you dumbass!), and yet as a teeming mass we possibly dwarf his intellect, his sense of humor, his cutting wit…well, maybe not the wit.

And I got to thinking about thread killers. And then about their equivalent–who are unlabeled–who manage to make a post which is almost completely ignored, and never receives a response (I’ve made a few myself). I then got to wondering if such a feat had ever been accomplished in The Pit. And why stop there? If it has been done, when was it first done (since the AOL departure) and by whom? And so I located **Pooch’s ** masterpiece: a rambling piece of drivel too profoundly bizarre to provoke even a “huh?” in The Pit just about suppertime.

And so, with impish glee (yes, pokey, you hit the nail on the head–glad it gave you a chuckle) I bumped. It was a wicked thing to do, and completely uncalled for. And I just can’t stop snickering about it!

And so, if forgiveness can be asked of a wanton act of mischief, I hereby beseech the Mods, and any Dopers who may have felt partially or completely assed by my actions to look into their hearts and have mercy upon a chronic silly.

Of *course * I won’t do it again!