The plane now arriving on Highway 41

Nice emergency landing. With video too.

That was cool and all, but I’m more interested in why the trooper chased the white car down on foot and then directed the driver to pull over. Here you have an emergency landing and, presumably, traffic to direct, and all the trooper can think of is to hassle some guy who had nothing to do with the current situation? I guess I will never understand the cop mindset.

I disagree. What the guy had to do with the situation is that he was making things more difficult and complicated by refusing to acknowledge the emergency vehicles and continuing to drive directly into the crisis area. At the end he’s pulling around the end of the plane’s wing. Obviously there’s no audio track but I imagine the cop going up to the driver’s window and yelling, “Hey, numb nuts, when there’s a fucking plane landing on the fucking freeway in front of you and a shitload of fucking cops racing toward it, how about you not be a dumb fuck, and get the hell out of the way. Pull over there and wait, moron, I need to deal with the situation and I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. And you better be here when I do, you fucking idiot.” Dude’ll be lucky if he gets off with a warning.

My guess as to why he stopped the white car is that the driver failed to yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle, then, had the brass balls to just continue driving past the stopped plane. I’m sure there was a hefty ticket for that one.
He placed the officers in danger as well as the occupants of the plane and possibly himself. There was more than one officer on the scene obviously so it wasn’t as though they were ticketing the guy in lieu of handling traffic, the aircraft, and making sure the occupants were ok.

It’s not everyday that a WWII vintage aircraft lands on the freeway right in front of you, and I don’t think it’s covered in the driver’s training manual that I studied 30 years ago. I’m not sure exactly what I would do in this exact situation but I’m fairly certain that my innate fear of stopping in the middle of the road would dominate and as long as everyone else (including the plane) were moving along at speed, so would I.

I didn’t notice the white car on first viewing until the cop ran it down, but it’s there earlier: visibly getting in the way of a cop car with lights and (presumably) siren going. At one point it looks like the driver is trying to pass the cop.

Ooh, an AT-6 Texan! A beautiful plane! My dad flew that type of plane a few times.

Damn thing landed not too far from me, too!

I miss going to the airshow with “Pops”. Our old Fairchild PT-26 always got a nice spot along with the other antiques, displayed proudly.

Glad noone was hurt.

I was real excited about the headline until I realized that it was at the other end of 41 from me.

Paging Broomstick.

You in Miami, FL or Copper Harbor, MI?

SW FLA. Not quite the end, but close.

In general roads make a bad landing spot. Yes they are paved, but you often have power lines, and (like in this case) traffic.
A soybean field in general would be better (corn isn’t the best).
I’m not second-guessing the pilot, just stating general advice.

(who’s been to the Cu Harbor end of 41, and often travels the Oshkosh->Green Bay section)

The driver of the white car in the video is an ass. It doesn’t matter if it’s a plane or crates of spilled dynamite, the cops were all over the place and it looks like the white car had to slalom around them to get into position and then made a very clear and conscious decision to go around the plane.

“Pops” and I crashed in an oat field once, but that’s just because the oat field was what was under us when we stalled out.

I’d sure be interested in hearing the Texan’s pilot talk about this particular forced landing.

Holy flurking schmidt.

Incidentally the current ‘Buy Used Cessna Aircraft’ google ad down at the bottom of the page has T-6s/SNJs. (Click Home, click Piston Military Aircraft, click North American,and they’re below the T-28s.)