The Pope says I'm a Nazi - or Godwin in one step

Apparently extreme secularism is rife in the UK and we’re oppressing Catholics.

A few weeks ago I spoke up for the Catholic Church in the thread about the IRA priest who was squirreled over the border to Ireland. Not this time.

He really really is a shit, a stain on humanity.

As a result of his evil minded stirring I going to join the National Secular Society.

For someone who’s had to go to great lengths to distance himself from a (tenuous) connection to Nazis, you’d think he wouldn’t be this fucking obtuse about the topic.

Would, “It takes one to know one” be unkind?

The Catholics who try to distance themselves from everything the Pope says will have a tough time reconciling this one…or not.

Ahhhhh, crazy Hitler Jugend Pope; what will he think of next?

Tomorrow’s speech: How Nazi atheists should be rounded up into camps.

From the article:

The jokes write themselves.

As the entire country goes completely fucking mental over the Pope I present, as a public service, a little sanity courtesy of Britain’s finest news source, The Daily Mash :slight_smile:

Ah, where’s an antipope when you need one?

You know who else was a Nazi?

Yes! You could push them together, they would mutually annihilate, and you’d get enough energy to run Britain for a century. Win win.

The Pope?

I think what he said was perfectly defensible.

He spoke of radically atheist regimes, and the danger of removing religion from public life. Are most atheists radical? Not in the West. Do most atheists advocate for the removal of religion from public life? Don’t think so.

He warned against aggressive forms of secularism. That seems kind of in his job description to me.

The overreaction of entities like the British Humanists amazes me, though it probably shouldn’t. Perhaps they should just let the Pope be Catholic.

Yes, the jokes just write themselves. Doesn’t Joe Ratzinger have a political adviser who can nudge his elbow and say, “Don’t you think that reminding people about Nazis is a bit dangerous?”

Just because it’s his job doesn’t mean it’s correct.

So, where is this “radically atheist regime” in the UK? Why talk about them at all on a visit to the UK, unless he’s talking about something that he thinks is relevant to Britain?

Replacing ideology with a lack thereof is different from replacing ideology with ideology.

So radical theism is just peachy. How quaint.


I’m not terribly surprised. This is the guy who seems to think that having female priests is worse than diddling kids.

What did the antipope ever do to you? Could be a perfectly decent fellow, the sort you wouldn’t mind grabbing a beer with. Seems rather harsh to off him for sweet, sweet electricity.