The Portland Black Bag Thread--Temporarily Closed?

So let me get this straight–there’s no mod note in the thread indicating it was actually closed by a mod, the site says it’s been closed due to too many flagged posts. Are we to infer then that a really determined set of asstrolls can get any thread they like automatically closed by Discourse simply by going through and methodically flagging posts? Maybe with a few socks to help out? Because that strikes me as particularly ill advised. I may have my opinions regarding the modding here but I also kind of expect that modding will be done by an actual, y’know, MOD rather than by some algorithmic nannybot responding to “too many” flags.

Might I request the thread be reopened and an actual mod get in there to start doing what they’re supposed to do with the contentious trolls? There’s enough in there to stock a nation’s worth of bridges but I’ve not seen a note nor a warning yet. Or can we just expect that indiscriminate flagging-to-shut-down-dissent is the order of the day?

The problem with this feature is that it doesn’t even require an army of trolls or socks to flag the posts. Just post a big enough threadshit, and well-intentioned posters will do the work for you.

I wonder why it said “this will be re opened in 15 minutes” a few hours ago and now it says “this will be re opened in 3 hours”. Is it just an incorrect automated notice or do people keep reporting posts to set the timeline back?

If it’s the latter, can we restrict the people who can report posts thusly to Level 3’s to prevent this abuse?

Just happened to the Olivia de Havilland/GWTW racism thread, too.

That’s a function that needs disabling posthaste.

Think if a bunch of us went on a rampage we could get every thread on the board closed? :wink:

OK, Marley

Eta: :wink:

The time has increased several times. It keeps getting to the point at which it was going to open, and then it resets to several hours later.

I know mods are busy, but I hope they’re looking at this situation. If mods want the thread closed, then close it, and say why. If some automatic function has gone wonky, I hope they’re working on it. If some automatic function can be made by a handful of people to do this even when the function’s working as designed, then I really hope it can and will be turned off.

Time just increased again – it said ‘reopening in 14 minutes’, I did something else for a while and came back to it, and it’s back to ‘closed for at least 4 hours.’

Those threads are still locked so I think it’s safe to say at this point that there isn’t some troll army generating reports to keep them locked. I’d also assume, perhaps mistakenly, that the mods are not actively clicking a button and thinking “I’ll just worry about this later but let’s keep it closed for now”.

I think it must be a faulty “auto unlocking” timer. I’m not sure if we should even have that itchy a “auto lock” trigger but if we do, and it needs mod intervention to ever be unlocked, I say ditch it.

(But I like the “auto hide” posts feature. It makes Level 3’s a junior anti-spammer mod.)

Okay, I’ll bite, I’ve seen some references to levels but how does one figure out what level one is or someone else is? I dungeddit.

If they’re/your profile is public, click on the user name next to their avatar, in the popup if it says “Regular” at the bottom left they’re level 3, if it says “member” they’re level 2 I think.

I’m fully understanding of mods having lives and not always being able to look at threads immediately. But this has been closed for two days now, with no actions or even comments from any mods in the closed threads or here. What’s the story, guys? Something going on behind the scenes that we’re not privy to?

@Ludovic, thanks!

I dunno, starting to put the tinfoil hat on and wonder if since Jenny died TPTB have thrown up their hands and decided to pull the plug on the whole mess–let Discourse have its way and fuck the lot of us, we’ll figure it out once the subscription runs out.

Or you could simply realize that we are extremely short-handed at the time, and forum mods aren’t on 24/7.

Huh, there are only 25 people who are “regulars,” and they a mix of paying members and guests. I wonder what the criteria is to level up.

It’s explained at this link.

I get it, and I’m understanding. I haven’t seen 2-day delays where ongoing active threads were locked without review before, so I wondered if there was something happening more than just a lack of time. But if that’s where things stand now, I feel for you. I know you all are doing what you can, and I appreciate it.

Jonathan_Chance last posted yesterday, and may be busy IRL. I could reopen it, but I really don’t want to police a thread in GD. I think it’s better it remain closed until a GD mod is available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, we are having to learn how Discourse works like everyone else. It may take some time to work out protocols to deal with Discourse’s crowd-moderation model. Unfortunately, we recently lost the person who best understood it. So I would ask everyone to give the staff the benefit of the doubt and not presume we’re ignoring things.

I see the wink, but just for the record, if we believe that people are deliberately misusing the flag function we may take action against them.

Colibri, thanks for explaining the state of things.