the practice - Darrin-ized?

In tonight’s episode of “the practice” it seems the ‘crotchety old woman judge’ is being played by a new actor (actress). Unfortunately, I don’t remember the character’s name from before, was it Judge Fox? That was her name tonight. Haircut the same, but the voice and look - Darrin-ized!!

Judge Zoey Hiller has been played by Linda Hunt in previous episodes; I missed the credits for who played Judge Fox last night. For whatever reason, the producers created another judge with a very similar appearance and demeanor. Perhaps Hunt was unavailable; though why they created a doppelganger, and gave her a different name is unclear to me.

Last night, the judge was played by Susan Blommaert. According to imdb, she’s played a judge (presumably Judge Fox) on The Practice twice before.

I figure David Kelley’s a big fan of Law & Order, to, since he keeps trolling there for actors. for example:

Becky (undeservedly in a coma presently) was a husband killing restraunt owner on L & O

Eugene - has had at least one or two stints on L & O, one was as a street thug

Eleenor Frutt has had at least 3 stints on L & O, one as an uncaring foster mother, one as a defense attorney who’s client was deaf, and one (when she was thin) as an anti abortionist bomber.

Jimmy had one role as a mentally challenged guy who was convinced into confessing a crime by a bad cop, was killed at Rickers just before he’d have been released.

Lindsay played a young girl living in a shelter who’d made allegations against a nun,

and finally, the judge from last night also played a judge on L &O - although her character on L & O was a heavy smoker with a hard hitting sarcastic style “you have a strange sense of humor Mr. so and so”., she’d often make rulings outside on her smoke break.