The President of Nigeria has 'rechargeable chips' implanted in his brain...WTF?

The President of Nigeria has been in a Saudi Arabian Hospital since last November, rumored to be near death. Now comes a report that he has had some kind of chip implanted in his brain:

So the what the fork are they talking about? I have never heard of a pace-maker-like device that is implanted in the brain.

Is this possible, or is it a cock-and-bull story dreamed up to mislead the Nigerian public and postpone the day when they finally admit that he is a vegetable and will never function as President again?

Do you mean something like Neural Implants?

I know they have them for certain Seizure cases, and some would argue that a cochlear implant would fall into this category as well. There are several types of devices though that can be inserted into the head though, is this the sorta thing you were wondering about?

Say what? The Nigerians making up a cock-and-bull story to con the public? Never.

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Super Nigerian?

My name is Motumbo Awad and I am the Minister of Finance for the President of Nigeria. Unfortunately the President is about to die. But fortunatly for you his estate of 60 Million dollars has been left to me. If you will help me move this money from the Swiss bank account you will be awarded the sum of Six Million Dollars. Please send me your Name, Address, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Mother’s maiden name, PIN numbers, Favorite color, pet’s name, preferred sexual position, height, weight, eye color, and shoe size. I assure you that this information will be kept confidential.
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[Brain pacemakers have been in use since 1997 to ease the symptoms of such diseases as epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, dystonia and recently depression.

Current brain implants are made from a variety of materials such as tungsten, silicon, platinum-iridium, or even stainless steel. Future brain implants may make use of more exotic materials such as nanoscale carbon fibers (nanotubes), and polycarbonate urethane.](Brain implant - Wikipedia)

There’s nothing odd in he story that I can see. These things are old hat.

The only thing that could sound a little odd is: "this is very common among patients with heart-related problems”. However that should be read in context. The doctor isn’t saying that brain implants are common in heart patients. She is saying that “implants that perform functions that a diseased body no longer can” are common in heart patients. And that statement is also absolutely true. Pacemakers are a device that performs functions that a diseased body no longer can, and pacemakers are common in heart patients.

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Deep brain stimulation works REALLY well on Parkinsons. I have seen people make complete recoveries to a symptom free state while under the effects of DBS. Whats even cooler is that you can turn the stimulation on and off and immediately see the parkinsonian tremors return and subside accordingly. Sadly, the effects don’t last forever, as the DBS only masks the substantia nigra degradation. As the damage worsens, the DBS loses the ability to mask it. Its similar to how cholinergics mask Alzheimer’s disease but don’t cure it.

Vagal stimulation has been used for the treatment of depression, but that can be pretty hit or miss. Lots of side effects.