The Price is Right 6/24 - Halloween Repeat or How TPIR won me back

I’m in between jobs right now, so I have the opportunity to catch up on TPIR. I have been vocal in the past about how the show went off a cliff with Barker leaving the show.

Yesterday, the St.Patrick’s Day Episode was on. I had seen that one, so I figured it was going to be repeats for the rest of the summer.

Today, the Halloween episode comes on.

The show goes decidedly Let’s make a Deal, and contestants and models have costumes on.

Drew even joins in.

And walks out as the Cliff Hangers “Yodely Guy” complete with Pick Axe

I think the show went so far over the top with this episode, that it came back full circle. I was really upset with how much the show has frankly sold out of late.

But this, This just takes the cake in order to have a Masterstroke of a party.

I mean, if the show can admit that it has gone of the deep end, then I can accept the new presentation as being its own thing all together.

Any photos or video clips online from this one?

It was cute - they really had a lot of fun with it, on down to the presentation of prizes. There was a watch displayed on one of those wriggling dismembered hands, for example, and lots of spiders dropping in from above.

The bidding in the Showcase Showdown was absurd.

On front page for today. Full Episode. I’m guessing it won’t be there tommorow.

Yeah, the little touches were good. Same for the costumes. But it kinda got obvious after the second game tie in. Good use of Music cues to play stuff you know you know, but spruced up with the Organ.

Re Showcase : Yeah, I got the sense that the second contest tried to go for a 1 dollar or a XX1 bid, as the first bid was so bad. He knew what he did wrong a few seconds before Drew got to it. in a word, Hubris.

OT: That Rat Race game [A game Drew invented himself.] looks interesting, but some part of it fails. Then again, if we aren’t going to get Superball back, better to have this than nothing.

So I’ll live [del]blog[/del] post the ep.

So, the second time, it had to be the person without the costume. But she sorta looks like Molly Shannon (and acts like her Catholic schoolgirl persona), so I give her a pass.

Now I’m through the first half. Is nobody going to win? People are even losing on the either-ors.

And the prices always go up on those games. Never pick a lower cost, even if you know you would actually pay less for those at the store.

Okay, so a guy actually won some money in Plinko. You know, the game that is totally random. At least he got one either-or right.

They went with the same amount. So it’ll just be whoever’s is worth the lowest amount. Definitely the trip. Come on, Derek. it was at least in the 5 digit range. I really wanted you to win since you actually get excited, but not if you’re going to be stupid. Unless he just didn’t want to win or something, since he’d already won Plinko. Surely no one on the show is that altruistic…

So, that’s my impression of the show. Better than the April Fools one (which is also on the front page). The gimmick actually worked this time.

Last year’s April Fools show was great, tho’.

Imagine TPiR with dancing bears!

ETA: Oh, and using the Match Game music and themes! (Some over at actually kinda wanted that!)