The Professor has died [Russell Johnson of "Gilligan's Island"]

Star Trek TOS - “A Piece of the Action”

Three-way with Ginger and Mary Ann?

RIP, Professor. :frowning:

Yes, please! :slight_smile:

Just so it wasn’t with Gilligan and the Skipper!

Natalie Schafer did the pilot thinking the show would never be picked up, and just wanted the free trip to Hawaii where the pilot was shot. She others didn’t expect to make much money at all. Dawn Wells claims that her fiance(?) at the time was an agent who negotiated decent residuals for her while the rest of the cast received next to nothing, common at the time for anyone on a TV show who was not already a star. She kept this quiet for years knowing that the rest of the cast didn’t have that lucrative deal. It was later on, the late 70s I believe, when standard contracts gave actors decent residual income.

I was at a speaking engagement for MIT … and I said … the Professor has all sorts of degrees, including one from this very institution [MIT]! And that’s why I can make a radio out of a coconut, and not fix a hole in a boat!
—Russell Johnson

So sad to hear of this, my favorite Gilligan’s Island character was always Professor Andaltherest.

I saw this quote on his IMDb page:

And his coffin will be made entirely of coconuts.

Rest in Peace!

If you wanted to make Johnson mad, you just had to ask him about Ronald Reagan. Johnson HATED Reagan for his anti-commie witch hunts. He blamed Reagan for much of the blacklisting phenomenon.

I love this, and you. I simultaneously hate you for making the reference before I could, though.

Given the two remaining cast members, the question of “Ginger or Mary Ann?” can take on a different meaning. Who will be the last to go?

Dawn is younger by almost 4 years and definitely looks a lot more than 4 years younger. Both could easily last 10 years more, barring cancer or some such. Dawn might even last another 20. Yikes.

Did Tina have botched work done? Because I agree Dawn is aging better.

I never understood the question in the first place.
Which of these women do I want more than the other to share time with?
Mary Ann.
Which of these women are better lovers?
Mary Ann.
Which of these women are better looking?
Mary Ann.

Though, I must say that the episode where Ginger’s gown reacts poorly to the new cleaning solution devised by The Professor and thereby falls off, well honestly that was pretty sexy to me at the time.

But, pretty much Mary Ann. Anyone who disagrees is just plain wrong.

IRL, they were about equal. Pre-GI, Tina Louise was a model; Dawn Wells was Miss Nevada. I still hope to meet Wells, so I can ask her what her talent was in the pageant. I know it wasn’t singing.

Hypno-Toad, Johnson also mentioned in his autobio that he was seen by Reagan and others as a commie sympathizer because he’d attended Actor’s Lab. Really. And Walter Brennan once asked him to sign some anti-commie petition. Johnson refused, on the grounds that since he’d served and been shot down in the Pacific theater, he’d already proven his patriotism. Don’t know about Brennan, but Reagan didn’t serve in the war at all.

Reagan DID enlist, but he didn’t serve in any capacity that would have entailed combat or heroism. Mainly, he made training films.

He also mentioned that Law & Order was his favorite of his movies… because he got to shoot Reagan in that one.

Not true!

The handles will be made of bamboo.

… Hinkley shot Reagan?