Gilligan's Island flick with Michael Cera?


So–how to cast the rest of the S.S. Minnow survivors…?

The Skipper too: James Gandolfini
The Millionaire: Elliot Gould
and his Wife: Betty White
The Movie Star: Scarlett Johansson
The Professor: Jude Law
and Mary Ann: Amy Adams? Maybe Ellen Page?

I’m sure you all can do better.

Well, Russell Johnson, who played the Professor on TV, was a veteran of several cheesy sci-fi-B movies, where he often played a scientist, so I’d like to suggest Jeff Goldblum.

And I like Amanda Bynes for Mary Ann.

How about Melanie Griffith for Lovey Howell?

Kate Hudson as Ginger Grant.

Cedric the Entertainer as the Skipper

Beau Bridges as Thurston Howell III.

Not hot enough.

Hot in the wrong way.

You are a genius.

Well just on appearance alone, Simon Baker should play the Professor. The likeness is uncanny.

No, this guy for Gilligan:

Jay Baruchel

For the skipper - Seth Rogan (we’re trying to keep it skewed younger)

And for me Amanda Bynes is plenty hot enough.

I don’t find Mary Ann “hot”, she’s supposed to be super-cute, and the ultimate girl next door. In other words the Movie star is the girl you date, Mary-Ann is the girl you marry (in your dreams).

Thurston Howell III- Chevy Chase.

Randy Quaid as The Skipper
Billy Bob Thornton as Thurston Howell
Madonna as Lovey Howell
Courtney Love as Ginger
Michael Richards as The Professor
Lindsey Lohan as Mary Ann

And maybe get Beverly D’Angelo as Lovey, then?

Brian Doyle Murray as the Professor?

I’ll believe it when it’s in a theater. IMDb listed a Gilligan’s Island movie back in 2000, to hit theaters around 1/1/01, but that turned out to be a hoax.

I love it. But that would require Johnny Depp to play Gilligan.

I think this is brilliant casting, although I bet Lindsay Lohan is just dying to play Ginger.

But if you’ve got Depp as Gilligan, you’ve got to get Tim Burton to direct, and that means Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Howell.

Okay, here’s what lets do: Let’s make it like The Aristocrats. Take one twenty-two minute script, and hand it over to seven different directors/casts. String 'em all together, and you’ve got Gilligan’s Island: The Motion Picture.
Suggested script: the one where Gilligan finds the sunflower seeds that give everyone psychic powers.

Or the one where they have the Miss Castaway Beauty Pageant.
Suggested directors:

Tim Burton
Terry Gilliam
Chris Columbus
Martin Scorsese
Clint Eastwood
Ron Howard
Pedro Almodóvar

The Professor should be played by Alton Brown. He’s just got the vibe, man…TRM


I’ll be in muh bunk.

I’m thinking you just haven’t seen Bynes in her Farmgirl gettup (and I can’t seem to find any pictures online.). But you’re right about Cedric and Hudson. Cedric just has the same type of humor, and adds the “required” diversity to an otherwise all-white cast, without making him a throwaway character like is so common nowadays.

I’ll get to Hudson in my next quote.

I don’t know about hotness, but she’s much closer to the appropriate character. Hudson is just too girl-next-door. She can take racy photoshoots all she wants, but that can’t change the public’s perception of her that easily.

Ginger is supposed to be seductive, somewhat manipulative, willing to use her sexuality and attractiveness to get what she wants, but unwilling to actually go so far as use sex itself. She’s somewhat haughty, but oddly classy.

We also can’t focus on just that last part, or we’ll run into Mr. Howell’s or even Mary Ann’s character.

That red-haired woman from Mad Men for Ginger. I don’t watch Mad Men, so I don’t know her name.
I agree with Amanda Bynes for Mary Ann.

Flagrantly stealing a number of excellent suggestions, I’ve come up with the perfect cast:

The Skipper too: Kevin James or Andy Richter
The Millionaire: Eliot Gould - a great call
and his Wife: Betty White - perfect
The Movie Star: Amy Adams - I’m switching her to here, because I think she can do slinky very well
The Professor: Alton Brown - he definitely has the vibe
and Mary Ann: Jordana Spiro

How about:

Gilligan: D.J. Qualls

Skipper: John Goodman

Professor: Morgan Freeman

Ginger: Eliza Dushku

Mary Ann: Got nothing - I’ll go with Amanda Bynes, too

Thurston Howell III: Bill Cosby

Mrs. Howell: Alfre Woodard

She’d dye first.

I was thinking this morning about Lohan, and how good she would look as Ginger, but I have my doubts about her temperamental suitability to work on a project of such cultural importance.

Although I never heard any horror stories about her behavior on the set of A Prairie Home Companion. Maybe Meryl Streep is a good influence on her. So, I could see her as Ginger as long as Meryl is Mrs. Howell.